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I received this email from Lexus UK this morning.

'This is confirmation email to inform your vehicle Lexus NX300h, has been transferred to a different My Lexus account.

This may be because you've recently created another My Lexus account with another e-mail address. Or it may be because you've sold your vehicle to another My Lexus User.

If neither of these reason applies or you are unaware of this transfer, please contact us noreply@lexus.co.uk at in the first instance. We'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.'


Sure enough my vehicle is no longer shown in my account.

I didn't remove it or create another My Lexus account or email address, or sold it to another My Lexus User.

So I sent a replay to noreply@lexus.co.uk!  Don't think it will get through to that address!

I have sent another email to Lexus UK direct via an online form and hope to hear from them next week.

Anyone else had this issue?

Just hope their web site hasn't been hacked.

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Hi Dennis, I had the same email about a week or so ago and I replied them but never heard anything back! Disappointing!

My car also not in my account anymore!

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Yes it happened to me also, I presume  when changing over to Lexus Link and allowing service history to be seen whereas in Lexus link it wasnt before


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