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    F Sport ride quality

    @J Henderson is right. Our IS is an F Sport. It has better ride quality than the 3rd Gen RX F Sport and is marginally poorer than my 4RX F Sport. Having said that, all cars are smoother than their German counterparts with Sport packages of the same years. The loaner CT I usually get is the Advance or Sport specification and the ride is bad enough on them in comparison
  2. Yep should only be 1 month I think as the first ones were registered in July 2013. Ours is registered beginning of September but I've been getting it serviced on the last week of August to avoid having to do it when school starts as it's the wife's car
  3. Hi guys, so its been a while since I checked the service intervals after getting a service pack 3 years ago. As the service pack is coming to an end after the IS has it's 50k/5 year service this August, I thought I would take a look and it appears there has been some change since I took the plan out. Anyway, the car is on 17k miles. Im planning on getting another service plan which would be 60k/6 years, 70k/7years and 80k/8 years as the car is faultless and there genuinely is no reason to change. However, the cost of this is £1435!! From the PDF checklist, it just looks like they replace the spark plugs at 60k. Otherwise 40k, 60k and 80k (and corresponding time-frames) are all the same so: 1) Why is 80k more expensive than 40k? 2) Should I miss the spark plug change at 60k/6 years (not time dependent) and just get a 20k full service done at £495? 3) Forget all of the above and just go onto Essential care Major and Minor and pay for spark plugs separately when needed? Maybe its just me, but the new pricing structure which has been out a while (although Ive not paid much attention to it) is extremely confusing. The prices seem to fluctuate without any clear reason as to why either. Should also mention that the service prices are getting beyond ridiculous now aren't they? Its bizarre how an IS300h only costs £400-500 less to service over 10 years compared to an IS-F! Thanks!
  4. rayaans

    F Sport ride quality

    The ride on the IS300h F Sport is better than any trim of CT with any size wheels. I get at least one every year when both cars are serviced and I hate getting into it tbh
  5. I've seriously been considering this and by the looks of it is exactly the same. Ill have to ask the dealer exactly what is done and how much they charge because the essential care prices for the IS300h aren't online
  6. I don't think the reg is an issue unless private, neither is the vin but address and first owner's name are! However, back on topic I think I need to write a very long letter of complaint to Lexus UK regarding service pricing and intervals. I'm sure nothing will come of it but I think it's got to the point where it's silly
  7. Service book doesn't have names on it, well mine doesn't anyway. Just stamps and mileage
  8. Yes, they don't make sense at all. Just odd pricing and more confusing than it was before when they just had Intermediate or Full with spark plugs at 60k, Timing belt at xx miles etc. I'll miss the spark plug change. Only issue is that the dealers can sometimes have very little flexibility in terms of low mileage cars as they don't know what to do I think the service book itself will be passed on I guess and I presume its all accessible via the Lexus App and Portal anyway but true details will be much harder to find. Surely it'd be much easier to have "Information will be disclosed to the next owner including service history, invoices and all related articles" in the T&C of the sale to allow disclosure of information when signing to sell the car.
  9. rayaans

    Dodo Juice - Whoops

    Might be coating failure. Mine has started doing the same thing that Chris had on his car. It certainly wasn't there 1k miles ago as I actively looked for it. But since then, the coating is starting to come off in the exact same place as Chris. Seems to be a problem with the new leather that Lexus is using. Appears much softer than the one I had in my 3RX but the coating is a lot more fragile as well.
  10. rayaans

    Vacuuming query

    £10 insurance for courtesy car to waive the £1000 excess Additionally, Courtesy cars are subject to availability...
  11. rayaans

    Vacuuming query

    Haha I'll have to raise my prices to Lexus standards - £50 for 15 mins vacuum! 😂
  12. rayaans

    Odd Rev Issue High Rev when low speed

    Could be an EGR valve yes. There are some reports of EGR problems on the Prius and CT which both share the same internals. Get the fault codes checked if there are any Try using premium fuel and a bit of redex, see if that works a bit. Also, give it the absolute beans. And I mean it, get the revs to hold at 7k for a bit see if that works
  13. rayaans

    Effects of New Data Protection Legislation

    Never thought of that. Assume it doesnt apply to private sales though? Whats annoying me more is the fact every website I go on now makes me click through multiple different buttons to access it
  14. rayaans


    Yep, the RC chassis is a mix of steel and aluminium Aluminium is used for bumper reinforcement and the inner and outer skins of the bonnet
  15. rayaans

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    For outright noise reduction, Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV would be a good choice. Avon ZX7 is not bad either Just depends really on whether you need them and how you drive. They don't offer great grip in the summer but they are better as colder weather comes our way compared to summer tyres. Just worth bearing in mind
  16. rayaans

    Vacuuming query

    I would but it'd take me longer to get down there than vacuum the car!
  17. No they have a conventional torque converter But why would you want to avoid a CVT? Dont say its something you've "read about" lol
  18. Interesting. It affected some IS, RX and GS too. The earlier 13 plate IS's had a few failures. Manufacturing defect but yes, Lexus will usually replace. They should be replacing both. Sachs is a great manufacturer of performance dampers. KYB shocks are fairly reliable and OEM for a lot of manufacturers like BMW. However, BMW also use Sachs or Bilstein for their performance vehicles.
  19. The IS is crying out for a more powerful engine, to atleast make it a viable alternative to the 340i and similiar However, with Lexus being a niche player in the UK, its quite unlikely, unless the head of Lexus Europe decides to become a petrolhead
  20. rayaans

    Bigger is better?

    Thats article is riddled with inconsistencies. Whilst its very likely the CT may be electrified, It would almost certainly be using a conventional hybrid setup as well. And the photos are rubbish, they've just used a UX photo Yes they're still contemplating whether to remove the CT from the lineup like the GS. However, the hatchback in Europe is extremely popular, so chances are, they may do to the Auris, what they did to the RAV4 and make a CT for Europe.
  21. It would certainly be a good option because the new VED structure means there is no benefit to a hybrid bar fuel economy if over £40k. If they introduce a 300t especially for the NX and RXto begin with, price it £3k below the hybrids and I can't see why it won't sell.
  22. Hmm yep it does. I wonder how many cars were actually optioned with it though. Not many I don't think if any at all
  23. I'm not sure if that's true. No pre facelift 4th gen GS has had LED lights fitted to it that I know of. It's not in the brochure either
  24. There is a 3.0l turbo on the way but whether it makes it to the UK remains to be seen
  25. It will have full 12 month warranty The 30 days is for exchange - i.e you can give the vehicle back and exchange it for another one