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  1. F friends

    That is very true. £5k seems daft though. Are you sure it's even right? Usually Lexus dealers tend to be on the money or not far off the book value. They usually use HPI valuations formerly CAP. They all make a profit of £3-4k in the end but it'd odd. Unless Arnold Clark are pricing it at like £35k 😂😂
  2. Probably confused with the latest RX which doesn't have air suspension on any grade. But in 2015 yes the premier had air suspension Tbh the ride is fairly tight. Something to do with anti rolling safety malarkey and having to handle semi well for people to buy the thing. Felt my RX300 was a but disconcerting at high speed, would probably feel similiar to the 400h whereas the newer ones are more stable
  3. Deposit

    TBH driving SUVs is easier in cities - atleast in my view. Visibility all around is much better. The 4RX is huge and I dont find it an issue in cities and narrow roads Got into an A7 the other day, similiar size but lower down - much more difficult to judge where extremeties are and a bloody nightmare trying not to kerb the wheels when going into multistorey car parks.
  4. Not sure I think the F-Sport suits it better
  5. The Lexus UX has finally been revealed today. We initially had a teaser of its backside and a front 3/4 pic. Now we get to see it all! Lets start off with some CGI Lexus pics: Key facts - 1) The Lexus UX is the first Lexus vehicle on the new GA-C platform 2) UX200 and UX250h are both new engines. the 200 is an NA 2.0l 4 pot engine whilst the 250h uses a the same engine in combination with 4th generation hybrid drive to provide 176hp. 3) Lexus has focused on making the interior less cluttered than other models and used a "less is more approach" 4) Proactive use of navigation allows the hybrid to learn the driving style and routes of the driver, making it more efficient in the process Exterior The exterior takes styling cues from the other models in the Lexus lineup. We have headlights similiar to the revised CT with the characteristic Lexus Swoosh DRL's on top of the main headlights. Similiar to other models, the grill takes the centre stage, this one appearing to be very intricate and three-dimensional compared to others. All models get a honeycomb effect grill whilst the F-Sport goes one step further by making these mesh The wheel arches are clearly reminiscent of the RX and NX whilst the UX's party piece is the rear end with the lighting running from one side to another The dimensions are 177" long allowing the car to fit into small spaces. Interior Lexus designers have taken a different approach to usual with a "less is more" approach. The interior is simple and elegant with features from other vehicles in the lineup. The Steering wheel, interior door handles and drive mode controls seem to be taken straight out of the LC and LS. The centre screen is large and similiar to that of the RX. The seats are an all new design and the audio controls have been integrated into the palm rest to free up space on the dashboard and give it a minimalistic look. New Lexus Features Lexus offers a new trim option inspired by Washi (japanese paper). Leather grained finishes are also available. There will be four interior options to choose from on regular models. The vents are now illuminated and they have a single knob which controls the air flow and desired direction from that particular vent. Engines UX200: 2.0l Naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine. An all new engine providing 168hp . It uses advanced technology such as VVT-iE to allow a maximum thermal efficiency of 40%. The UX200 is paired with a direct-shift CVT, an all new gearbox that has an additional gear set for using from a standstill to provide a more linear feel. UX250h: The above, paired with 4th gen hybrid drive providing 176hp and designed to provide a linear driving feel unlike hybrids of past. The 250h will come with Predictive Efficient Drive. This will analyse driving habits, road and traffic conditions to maximise efficiency. PED will also include Predictive Deceleration Support, a system which uses accumulated data to maximise regeneration when braking up to 1000 feet ahead. Safety The Lexus UX will have safety system + as standard along with technology trickled down from the new LS such as Lane Tracing Assist included in Lexus CoDrive F-Sport As with other Lexus models, this is the sporty trim so expect stiffer dampers, louder, more shouty grills and graphite wheels. The UX specifically comes with additional rear dampers, specific stabiliser bars and High Response adaptive variable suspension debuted on the LC. F-Sport will come with newly designed seats which using integrated foam technology and the moving gauge cluster from the IS/RC makes a comeback. Of course ASC is included and can be shut off but there is also the addition of Sonic Interaction Design which adjusts the sound of the vehicle in Sport+ mode.
  6. All depends on what the driver wants though surely. Does your 400h handle like the GS450h? doubt it....
  7. F friends

    Do you really want to give an IS-F to arnold clark though? Yes, maybe if you didn't really care about the car but no chance if you do.
  8. To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    Depends on what you're after in a vehicle to be honest. Will it reliable? Absolutely. Will it be efficient? More than likely. Will it be fun to drive? Possibly, but depends on how you intend to use it. Its got perfect waft-ability so if you take it easy and drive smoothly, it will reward you. If you gun it all the time, it'll disappoint. The main issue I have with the CT is the ride quality. If you're happy with the CT ride quality, then you can't go wrong
  9. To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    The CT Sport Plus was a run-out model only available in 2017. Its been discontinued because of the facelift in 2018. The differences between the pre-facelift and facelift models is dependent on trim levels, but essentially, they've changed the bumpers and grills and the specification levels. All facelift CT's come with a mesh grill. Only F-Sport variants of the pre-facelift ones have the mesh grill. As the trim levels go up, you get more kit as standard. Some of the trim levels overlap. Essentially, Premier is top spec, S is lowest spec and Luxury mid range. F-Sport is similiar to Luxury but focused on sportiness. Sport, Sport Plus, Advance and Advance Plus are all somewhere in the middle
  10. Lexus multimedia system Upgrade

    The link is for the US. We have UK software and no such thing as apps. You can visit the dealer for software updates or buy a map update which also updates the software to latest version at the time the map update came out
  11. Yep as mentioned, nothing wrong with the brakes as such, they're just catching on because of moisture. Parking in a garage doesn't solve this issue. It used to happen on my 3RX. Keep the parking brake off after washing in colder weather. You'll find its not much of an issue during the summer.
  12. Bit of an interior change

    Thats certainly a good job - looks factory fresh to be honest. I prefer it to the wood and I think it suits the grey interior better. Never thought brown went so well with grey anyway
  13. Trackers

    Issue with the trackers is that they expect them so usually know where to look. Or they just park it up for a few days to see if its being tracked.
  14. Trackers

    If you're getting a tracker, get a properly fitted one, not the ones you just plug into the sockets. The guys who will steal the NX, if any, will be professionals and will know how to block the signal or remove it if not fitted properly in an unexpected area. TBH you're better off getting the Ghost Immobiliser so they can't start the car in the first place.
  15. Yes but the fittings for the GS300h and GS450h, providing they are the same shape will be exactly the same. Its just a confusing picture and website.
  16. Groaning suspension

    Ive only ever seen it on cars with 60k+ miles aged over 6-7 years. Premature failure would indicate a manufacturing defect in my books
  17. Anyone had a puncture?

    I hope I don't get a punture after reading all these Just spent £400 on new front tyres!
  18. Harsh suspension IS300h

    Just seems very odd though. I also find the IS300h F-Sport suspension quite comfortable. Its firm but not harsh. Its better than the 3RX was and marginally less comfy than a 4RX F-Sport. Ive also been in every Merc and BMW since 2005 and found their suspensions are much harder almost across the board unless you start putting on fancy air suspension and the like. OPs previous car was a Merc C350 CDI - presumably the W204 - we have one in the family and its fine on normal roads but hit an expansion joint and it properly thumps
  19. They might want to keep it as a private car, you never know. But more likely, they're a bit dumb.....
  20. What kind of mats are you looking for? Rubber or carpet? https://www.carmats4u.com/tailored-car-mats/lexus-car-mats.html These lot do the GS300h car mats which should be exactly the same as the 4th gen GS450h
  21. Groaning suspension

    Guess it was upper suspension mount after all!
  22. 2018 RC F

    These bad boys are now standard. and it looks like these are on the Plus pack and above grades: Its on the RC-F UK configurator anyway but it could be wrong I suppose
  23. Perhaps turning the brightness up of the instrument cluster will help so you can read the smaller KM/H readings
  24. Headlights need to be set to auto and it needs to be dark outside. Otherwise they won't work. AFAIK, there's no switch for them as such
  25. The LEDs werent available in the UK on pre-facelift cars. However, Its definitely to do with regulations more than anything else and the height of the beam. You can always put brighter lights on - like my son did on his Golf but he now gets flashed, whereas this was not the case before (adjustments are bang on BTW)