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  1. The 0-60 times don't show much. The torque and mid range acceleration in the 300h are amongst the fastest in the class
  2. Just an update. Tyres are doing well but I caught a pothole and it cut the sidewall on the driver's side. Luckily no damage to the wheel but as it was close to home got the car in the drive and it was hissing. A day later and had to get Kwik fit mobile tyre through to fit an asymmetric 5 No difference between the 5 and the 3 as far as I can tell tbh
  3. Oils are a waste of time on modern leather. They simply sit on the surface of the coating and attract dirt. All you need is a cleaner and a sealant. No conditioner is even going to penetrate the coating on top anyway
  4. NX450h+ uses the same power train. Release 2021
  5. Had the same issue with my RX Turned out to be a fly in the end
  6. I really like that - I think they've got the stance spot on. Its a huge shame they're not bringing it to Europe - I can see these selling very well. Id be first in the queue!
  7. Theyve been brought forward like in the RC If you look at the touchpad, the most forward cupholder is in line with it. In our 3rd generation cars, its a lot further back which means our elbows go into it when sitting in the passenger seat. So in that regard, I think Lexus have listened to the customer base and pushed them forward so the passenger can put their elbow on the armrest
  8. There is 1 electric version of every model to come from what Ive heard. The GS is supposedly coming back as a more premium 4 door coupe to compete with the A7 and CLS. The UX300e is available to pre-order now. I suspect price will be around £47k for the Takumi. They went with the 54.3kwh battery simply to keep costs down as research generally show those who buy EVs tend to use them as city/town driving anyway with low mileage. i.e. they expect 1 week out of a single charge. Im considering this for my wife as she doesn't do high miles and with the 100% allowance, its a good buying proposition. There is yet another SUV coming to the Lexus lineup - the concept came out a while ago but its more premium than the RX and supposedly going to have around 600hp (LC-F powertrain), to compete with Porsche Cayenne Coupe and BMW X6M
  9. Im sure you wont find a 300hp NX450h+ plug in underpowered 😉 As for various posts regarding Tesla model 3 and their sales - lets not forget that many of these sales are simply down to the cost of the vehicle being relatively reasonable and 100% allowance on company car users. Problem is, Ive seen more model 3's on the road than the new 3 series! I think most of us are here because we don't want to drive the same grey car as everyone else, and many Lexus buyers who won't necessarily go on forums or are any kind of enthusiasts, are the same. From what I know, and the models that are coming soon - Lexus have got some new models up their sleeves (including the return of the GS......)
  10. The photos are real. Just a comparison between the old and new IS in terms of the C pillar. Quite a stark difference. As is the fuel filler cap. The shoulders look a lot more curvy
  11. The date has been amended to June 15th now Quite clear from the little teaser that the mirrors and wheels are different. C pillar is definitely different to the current IS including the fuel filler cap.
  12. I don't think they care to be honest. They know Germans are mass market. And Toyota as a brand is like that Lexus was all about exclusivity and for the American market. Actually it's all in the name
  13. Lexus sales in Europe are going fine to be honest. The NX450h+ is a plug in and will use the RAV4 prime drivetrain. It's coming next year
  14. Apparently the Lexus IS isn't coming to Europe or the UK according to an Autocar. They say the ES is outselling the IS 2:1. The issue I have with that argument is they're essentially comparing a 2013 vehicle to a brand new one so surely the figures are going to be slightly skewed Id welcome a new IS tbh, the small executive saloon market is still alive.
  15. No idea but I presume they've been testing it behind closed doors or under a Toyota Avalon body I think
  16. June 9th is the official release date. Came out of nowhere. lexus has confirmed it remains rwd Here's the teaser And a brightened one
  17. You realise that most Lexus approved used vehicles are actually purchased from the Lexus network or through BCA Lexus/Toyota auctions right? On a side note, most of my cars have been from Bradford. Have to say, the prep and conditions of vehicles were much better than those from much bigger/well known Lexus dealerships
  18. If they were diamond cut then my statement doesn't apply as it happens across all brands on diamond cut wheels I'm talking about standard painted wheels
  19. I suppose that explains the brake issue! Hmm, I believe it was a problem on earlier Lexus/Toyota. All of them post 2012 have had new alloys which don't corrode. I certainly haven't had any corrosion on 3 of my vehicles since then, 2 of which suffered from kerb marks. I wonder if they have been refurbed in the past by the previous owner before sale?
  20. extensive write up Few things I find unusual however 1) You mention heavy use on break discs and pads. I find that quite remarkable actually as the 3RX I sold was on 50% wear at 55k miles. Mine is currently on 30% at 31k miles and the IS is on similiar levels. Ive found the hybrids to use the mechanical brakes less often unless using the brakes in very slow traffic 2) The alloy compounds since around 2012 is quite difficult to corrode even with significant kerbing. Are you sure the paint is original on the wheels? Likely poor refurb I would assume.
  21. Interesting - the NX450h has over 300hp. Most likely will be coming out with the redesigned NX later this year (or next year) depending on COVID
  22. Never had a warranty on any Lexus. They've all been fine I think I saved about £6-8k over the years from not buying warranties. The RX doesn't have any common issues.
  23. For the average user and by hand, Autoglym is hard to beat to be honest, especially their SRP For a DIY detailer, I would say Other - things like Scholl and Sonax are a good start
  24. Ive bought the denso ones from ECP and tbh they're no different to the ones fitted from factory Worked out cheaper than buying the refills too