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    Tyre "skipping" on full lock

    Since when do the Goodyear eagle F1 Asymmetric have stiff sidewalls? They're some of the softest and can be manipulated using a single hand.
  2. Which one of you was this then? 😂
  3. rayaans

    Possible First Problem with LC500

    Where did you fill up? I know that Tesco had some contaminated fuel recently. Fuel problem could have caused the issue yes.
  4. Yes. The premier comes with adaptive high beams which changes the pattern of the beam to stop blinding oncoming traffic The other grades come with auto high beam which just dips and undips
  5. Depends on the spec, In the UK only the Premier has the adaptive feature you describe. They do react too slow and tbh I find it easier to manually control them
  6. rayaans

    Problem Opening Fuel Filler Flap

    Buying any car in the first year of production will lead to some issues and I dont doubt theyve already sorted these issues on upcoming 2018MY cars. They did this with the RX too. The 2016MY had some kind of dodgy microphone for bluetooth which was miraculously changed in 2017MY without anyone knowing about it. Wait, isn't that just a bigger 6 series? The petrol one costs £100k!
  7. Very hard to tell the difference between products in isolation. They need to be compared side to side. Waxes are oily and tend to make the colour appear darker and deeper as such but you wouldn't notice unless you'd just put it on. Sealants tend to leave a glassy effect. Sort of like having a lot of clear coat on the car.
  8. Yes tbh I've just left it on 21 all year round and I've never noticed any issues. I've never used the sliding strips either because it's always on 21
  9. I think the heating is down to temperature in the cabin. So if you've set it at 22 for example and it goes to 23 it'll blow in cold air to push it back down. You realise you can use the infotainment system to change the temperature right?
  10. I've maxed the IS out and it doesn't feel unstable at speed as someone else mentioned. Felt no different to a BMW 440i at speed tbh.
  11. rayaans

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    Recently put those Goodyear's on the IS and they completely transformed it. Very quiet and the grip is immense
  12. Just get the essential service done as they skip the spark plugs in this. The hybrid health check is included.
  13. Worth remembering that the Bosch aerotwins are designed for flexible wiper arms like on the 4th Gen RX where they work extremely well I would go for the Denso or Michelin Stealth on the 3RX however
  14. Seats are the same on all 3rd gen Rxs bar the Premier which has thigh support adjustment
  15. Osram cool blue intense bulbs would match the HIDs perfectly. If not, something cooler like Philips Diamond vision would be good
  16. The denso blades are OEM for Lexus on the 3rd gen RX and other models. Lexus won't fit full blades they just change the inserts.
  17. Yep quite a common thing on the diamond cut wheels from any manufacturer. its due to the water sitting there and not being able to get out. Very very nice looking car that one. Seems to have the optional front and rear "guards" too
  18. Its built for the american market just because they wanted a 7 seater. The best 7 seater on sale for space right now is something like the GLS. The RX 5 seater is the best version of the RX i feel and has more legroom than the 7
  19. Pretty sure you can manually open the tailgate
  20. As above just make sure it's not polish splatter from the valeters. Have your alloys ever been refurbed? Take a pic of the new wheel and I'll tell you
  21. Drivers seat back wearing through at that mileage isnt a fault as such
  22. That's just the basic SE spec. Seems to be across all of them on the Lexus Website. Autotrader descriptions seem more accurate
  23. Best to ask the dealer you intend to use beforehand as some take it and others dont.
  24. Lexus only charge me £12.50 inc vat for changing each tyre Also worth asking them for winter tyre quote as they will change the tyres free of charge and also store your summer tyres.
  25. The ride is exactly the same on all models apart from the SE which I believe had the 18", the f sport with its firmer suspension and the premier with air suspension. Looks in good nick overall just needs a machine polish by the looks of it Decent tyres on there too. Michelin latitude sport