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  1. Ah so perhaps android auto and carplay are not too far away. They might be brought out as a 2020 MY update
  2. Dont think the manuals are specific to Europe to be honest. They're the same for the US too so most likely from that. Lexus has sorted the licensing issues in europe as its available on the RX now. So i presume it'll come on other models soon. Whether its through software update or when a refresh comes out is another story
  3. Halogens are bad on any car nowadays. The nightbreaker unlimited are good, but they last around a year.
  4. I wouldn't worry. 4-5 inches is not much, anything coming up to sill level should be okay.
  5. Cant get cross climates in 4RX size so Im not surprised The current best tyres for the 4RX Luxury spec and above trim are Bridgestone Duelers
  6. Just had a service recently on the IS albeit its a very low mileage car as my wife uses it in town only. Still has 7.4mm left after 2k miles so theoretically could get 21k miles a set with her driving. The town driving kills off the tyres much quicker IMO. The OEM bridgestones only lasted 15k Ive heard extremely good reviews on the Yokohama Advan Fleva though and they're rated very well
  7. I don't think it's the wheel cleaner. Usually if it's a wheel cleaner it'd also affect the painted parts. Stone chips are usually what causes this type of corrosion on diamond cut wheels
  8. Take it to the dealer. Chances are they'll replace the wheels within warranty period. However, yours are diamond cut wheels and unfortunately this will happen again - no manufacturer with diamond cut wheels is yet to cure lacquer bonding issues. Simple fact of the matter is that lacquer does not bond well to bare metal. ^^ This is utter BS by the way. Lexus of old used to suffer with corrosion issues, we're talking pre-2013 models. Most wheels that have come out on a Lexus from 2013 onwards providing they are not diamond cut or a special finish have been very durable. Ive had 3 since, no corrosion even when they've had kerb nicks
  9. Yes the alarm should set off if its jacked up without being unlocked. They do have a sensor to ensure someone doesn't just stick lift the car up from the front and roll it away
  10. They're all ex demos. Pretty sure every dealer got around 2 or 3 so not surprising really.
  11. Probably because of legal issues. Manufacturer warranty comes with the car. Hence why I presume Lexus are unwilling to move it to 5 years like Toyota as it means you can technically get it serviced anywhere and no revenue would come in.
  12. Let's rephrase. It has to be maintained by Lexus after the warranty has been taken out. Otherwise it's void.
  13. Yes its true if you go for the extended warranty - it has to be maintained by Lexus The issue of indy vs dealer really does depend on the age of the vehicle. On a 4 year old+ car, probably better going to an indy. However, having said that, I think most people buying an F car would have the view that if you're skimping out on main dealer costs, what else has been missed? Thats with the proviso that the car is fairly new. I reckon most people understand that an older car is hardly ever taken to the dealer for a service. Problem with files and invoices is that many can be easily forged, almost too easily. It only counts if you start ringing each one up and most don't even have any record/recollection of seeing the vehicle. Not saying Lexus stamps can't be forged but its all online and can be tracked down very easily.
  14. No air suspension on the 4th Gen RX. The ride is smoother on the 4RX than the 3RX in every trim level. AVS is fitted to F-Sport and above trim levels.
  15. The figure doesn't surprise me. The labour costs Lexus have are high. I believe the paint is £600 alone for the bumper and the matching on sonic white is a pain in the arse. In other words they won't just be painting the bumper but some of the Bonnet and fenders too
  16. Yep heated lower windscreen to stop wipers sticking
  17. Make sure you have played with the equalizer settings for the sound. I find the premium nav sound system with the 8 speakers is very good, very little difference between it and ML whereas the 6 speaker on cars without premium nav was awful. Also, you can change the contrast/brightness of the screen which helps with the sat nav colours. Theres a small blue button on the home page in one of the corners (cant remember which one
  18. So we opted for the essential care service plan from Lexus after the current one ran out - think it was 1xmajor, 1xminor services, 2x MOT and 2-for-1 roadside cover for £648 inc VAT There was no difference to the service I received from Lexus Bradford. Still got a courtesy car, they stamped the book as normal too. Works out quite well with the £125 for 2 years roadside cover as well so worth keeping in mind.
  19. Yes its still a brilliant car overall although getting long in the tooth now It's being replaced next year and Ive heard many exciting things! fingers crossed
  20. Might be in the passenger side footwell in that case, worth a look
  21. I just get my tyres fitted by Lexus nowadays - haven't had any scratches on any of them. Seem to have a lot more time to do the job and those fancy machines which are fully automated. Cant complain at £10 a tyre +VAT either.
  22. Shouldnt go far wrong with avon ZX7 - quiet, cheap and rated very well for efficiency and wet performance
  23. Yes it happened to me also, I presume when changing over to Lexus Link and allowing service history to be seen whereas in Lexus link it wasnt before
  24. There is a 3 month wait on them. Not many have made it to the UK yet. The managers specials are the demo's or cancelled orders