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  1. Ive always thought rotating tyres was an antiquated method nowadays. Surely its better to have fresh tread on one axle and slightly less on the other than having poor tread on all 4?
  2. My son had constant issues with his C class pan roof. Seemed to forget the memory points for the blinds every cold day. And then would need a reset as the whole system would refuse to operate. In and out of the dealership 4 times before he sold it. I suppose but its not exactly a premium vehicle and the interior quality will show that up, as will refinement etc.
  3. Quite excited - a first for her anyway! Especially because its electric, shes never driven one before. I have so I know she'll love it This is the one....... Bit out there, I know, but she wanted something different. I suppose thats one of the reasons we drive Lexus isn't it? Wouldnt be surprised if its the only UX300e in the country in this spec.
  4. Haha it's not here yet! March delivery on these. I'll post a photo of the car on the configurator when I get chance to rebuild it on there!
  5. So, the decision has been made! Blazing Carnelian with Rich Cream Interior - certainly not a car thats going to blend in! Now just to decide on the wheels lol
  6. I've never had an issue with Lexus alloys which are painted. Diamond cut and polished wheels are always going to corrode. It's just a matter of time
  7. I tend to use more specialist products rather than off the shelf kind of stuff that you get from Halfords and the like. Reason being, in most cases, the detailing stuff is cheaper to buy as they're not overly commercialised. Ive been using Detailed Online products recently and Carchem, who Ive used for ages. Carchem Shampoo is the most economical ive used with no added waxes/gloss enhancers so goes well on anything. Detailed online for almost everything else. In the winter months I tend to grab the nano sealant which you can simply spray on a wet car and rinse off leaving protection
  8. Not too sure on this as Ive always bought outright! I would suspect you may be able to do it on HP as well because its the full value thats taken into account anyway
  9. Going into Lexus Bradford tomorrow to pick the colour/spec of the vehicle. Torn between blazing carnelian, khaki green or black! Wife is adamant she doesnt want another white one
  10. With all the hassle of polished wheels.... Id probably be tempted to get them all diamond cut in a similiar pattern - they probably wouldn't look that different!
  11. I'm sorry, but what you've written is complete rubbish. The weight distribution is 50:50 on an IS300h. Additionally tyre wear is user dependent and not excessive. Poor grip on the rear? The vehicle is completely stable and its extremely difficult to get the rear end out on it. Don't really know what you mean by poor grip when it clearly has good grip.
  12. Hes old. Still thinks diesels are better for fuel economy and driveability despite driving only 3000 miles a year
  13. The RX refinement personally is on another league compared to the other vehicle in the Lexus lineup you mention Feels much more solidly built too. Like the E class to Merc, the RX has always been and probably always will be one of their best vehicles
  14. The OEM bridgestones are the best tyre price and performance wise in this size. You can also get Michelins but theyre awfully expensive in comparison
  15. Interesting - seems to be an awkward way of doing things but hey atleast its sorted in the end Just saying, our Merc C class coupe doesnt have rear pad indicators either but they're always checked on service (and I keep an eye on them myself too). I would imagine there would have been some kind of advisory on the service documents from the prior year especially if its that low
  16. I suspect its only temporary. The IS is a refresh and is only coming in petrol form, no hybrid hence they didn't bring it to Europe. The CT is getting extremely old and of course, the RC is based on the IS/GS I imagine Lexus are working on an all electric IS - or so Ive heard......
  17. Its a bit unusual really. Check the fuse first and then go from there. Obviously if the fuse has blown you'd have to discover whats causing it to blow? Is there water in the housing? First time Ive heard of this issue
  18. Ive always been with Chris Knott I have also claimed on them after my wife drove into a wall and everything was as smooth as ever. The policy is usually underwritten by Highway who are part of LV
  19. Are the lights on Auto? and the headlights are working correct?
  20. The reasons we decided to get one 1) ride height - better for my wife now she's passed the 50 mark! 2) Lexus exclusivity - i see way too many Tesla model 3's (they're more common than the bmw 3 series nowadays) 3) Wife only does shopping and school runs, occasional trip but even then less than 200 miles so one charge is probably enough for 2 weeks for her 4) Quality of the UX is inherently better than the model 3 on all accounts Vauxhall Corsa with longer range for £10k less - this one really made me chuckle Im pretty sure you can get a Vauxhall Corsa for £10k
  21. Might be a weak battery - our mirrors used to fold out really slow on the IS when the battery got weak at 6 years. Lexus recharged it to max capacity or whatever, dont know what they did but its been fine since
  22. Depends on the dealership Ive found Mercedes Hull/Grimsby to be exemplary - to Lexus standards in terms of customer care possibly because they don't get a huge amount of customers in the first place. Sorted out a panoramic sunroof rattle on son's car under warranty with no fuss at all. Weirdly, theyre under Listers group, and as most of us have experienced, Listers Lexus i.e. Cheltenham, Lincoln etc have extremely poor prep and customer service standards compared to other Lexus dealers.
  23. I agree with the prep standard from Lexus Cheltenham. Its utterly ******* to be honest. With my RX they basically delivered a car with paint missing from the rear 3/4 bumper and a chunk taken out of the front bumper. I rectified it all at my expense as they werent willing to pick up the car and have it done. They wanted me to drop it off down to Lincoln which is 1.5 hours away from me (the closest Lister Lexus) I would say Lexus Bradford and Lexus Stockport have never let me down in terms of the standard of their vehicles Oh and Lexus Chester too. The vehicle I bought from them
  24. Doesnt appear to be a huge issue I think the relative rarity of the 4RX may have something to do with it - plenty of CTs and older RXs to take them from.
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