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Not been away really. I still have the LPG powered SC430 but needed a cheap and cheerfull 4 door runaround. 

Up popped a MK1 GS 300 in Two tone White, Silver more or less on my doorstep. 

Its a bit rough but who cares. Its got mahoosive tyres on the rear and only slightly smaller on the front so looks a bit like a 4X4. Got to change them and give it a good beating withthe lowering stick.

So far, so good and great memories of my other two.

Its clunking on the front so i just need to know if the MK2 GS has the same front suspension set up. ie, ball joints, bushes, upper wishbones etc. Does anyone know? 


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Unfortunately the Gen 1 and 2’s don’t share the same parts.

Do you mean it has the wrong profile tyres in?

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Rears are 255 55 18 and fronts 245  50  18.

Rears fill the arches really well with no rubbing but it just looks so wrong. Front catch on full lock. Going to either 245 40  or 225 45 18 all around.  Front suspension refresh first though. 

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