GSF front grill and leaf debris

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So cleaning the car yesterday, I noticed Leaf debris building up in the outer side grills of my GSF. 
Not sure if they’re radiators / AC condensers or oil coolers behind the grill, but there was quite a few leaves / plant debris building up in there.

as you can see in the pics even after a trying to get the majority out, there’s still some left.

so what you may ask - well in water cooled Porsche’s it’s a big problem. I had both condensers replaced at 2 years and a centre rad  at 3 years on one car, due to leak pick up and the debris rotting and causing the rads to corrode and eventually leak. The only way to access the areas was to remove the font bumper.

So has anybody else seen the problem? Is there a quick and easy way of removing the grills without removing the bumper to get access to clean???

maybe it’s nothing here.... but on past experience it’s a big expense to fix if left unchecked.

As ever any help would be greatly appreciated!




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Ahh yes, the bane of my car cleaning routine, I've put many pennies in the swear jar because of this. When I first got my car it was horrendous and I resorted to using an air line as I could get the nozzle fairly close to it. I also used a piece of thin metal to work free some of the tougher to reach areas. Now that the car gets cleaned on the regular, blasting it with the pressure washer usually does a decent job, but maybe for a first time, I would recommend an air line. There is also fairly decent access from the wheel arch once you remove the cover (if you can be bothered to do that) and full lock the wheels to improve access. Once you get on top of it, just becomes part of the routine!

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If you take off the cover under the bonnet above the grill can access from the top quite easily.

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