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Apple Car Play

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Can you please expand on this?

- Was this a replacement of the standard unit? an upgrade?

- Was it fitted by the dealer? A third party?

- What were the costs?

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This is where I purchased it from (there are two versions depending if you have sat nav installed on your Lexus or not). 

They had a $100 discount when I ordered (it was $499)

£436 = ($499 in GBP)
£110 = Import Duty
£135 = Installation Charge


Lexus Newcastle only do authorised Lexus work but they recommended the Auto Electricians they use for outsourced work.

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Looks great. Should be the same for my car then. Once they’re back in stock I’d consider getting one shipped over and having it fitted. How does it work practically, as in, do you have to plug a lead into the phone, if so is that an apple lead or perhaps a 3.5mm? The info on the beatsonic website suggests it uses the aux up. Does that mean that you can revert back to all the normal fitted satnav and radio etc if/when you fancy? My car has a wireless phone charger plate built into the centre console. Any ideas if I could use the two at the same time?  Regards. 

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I ordered a 3 mtr Mophie usb – Lightening cable off the apple site. I got them to use it and got them to chase the cable into the centre console. it uses Aux as you indicated so you can switch back if you desire. I have not switched it back once since I got it installed. Radio, Podcasts and music all through Car Play. Once you get used to apple maps using siri there's np turning back. And yes the phone charges using the built-in centre conbsole charger plate. Hope this helps.

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