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Hello everyone, in this brief text, I'll explain a bit about myself and our cars! 🙋‍♂️

I'm 18, from Portugal, and I'm a car enthusiast. 🚗

My dad bought a IS 200D 8 years ago, and I still love it the same as when he showed up with with it at home without saying anything to anyone. I was only 10, and I didn't know much about the Lexus brand at the time, so I started researching more about it. In 2013, i putted a LFA poster in my bedroom, and it has became my dream car since then. 😍

We always had Toyotas before, and still have a 2005 Corolla. My sister has an Auris, and my brother already had 3 Toyotas, he owns a Renault ZOE now, and he knows he made a wrong choice by switching it for the Prius he had. We spent a lot of time together working on his cars, doing maintenance, modifications and cleaning. Reliability is what enjoy the most in Toyotas/Lexus, I'm still impressed about how smooth the transmission is in our Corolla, it's amazing! 😮

Now, I drive the IS almost every day and it will probably be given to me in the future. I have some questions that I couldn't find the answer to, so I created an account here, and hopefully some can answer them. I also want to know more about modifications, both in a performance and in a looks perspective (It is completely stock right now).

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this small text, I tried my best and it took me more then an hour to write it.

Have a great weekend everybody! 😎


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