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I wonder whether someone can tell me how to get the mirror glass, with the plastic backing, out of the mirror housing ?

Some prat broke the mirror glass a month or so back, and I have only just got a used replacement. I would like to see whether there is a video anywhere for removing the broken glass and fitting the new one.

The car is a 2013 IS 300h.


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tilt the mirror to gain access to either the top or bottom of the glass

there are 4 clips that are roughly at the following positions :-

11 o'clock, 1 o'clock, 5 o'clock & 7 o'clock

you can look at your new mirror glass to see the exact location of these clips

use a trim removal tool or something blunt and place between

the plastic mirror backing and the mounting plate on the motor assembly

and gently pry the 2 apart

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