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Lexus Service In Surrey/london Area?

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Hello Everybody!

New to the forum and the marque. After 3 Mercedes-Benz I have gone against the grain and bought myself a 1994 LS400. The car is an early M registration, with two owners (the last gentleman has owned it since it was a few months old). It has been garaged throughout its life, and appears to be in very good condition (bar two/three tiny pin dents, a minor scratch on one bumper and the laquer on the alloy wheels) I have heard some very promising things about the marque and so have got high expectations!

The vehicle has covered 85K miles. It is however due a service, and needs a new Battery (was not used since november). I would like it to have a thorough check-up at a Lexus main dealer. After this, I may look at using specialists for the future, but I would like a main dealer stamp in the book and a bit of extra reassurance with the car's condition at the moment.

I am basically asking, are all main dealers much the same, or are there some above average ones that would be worth me travelling a little to experience?

McCarthys of Weybridge were local in the past, but closed ages ago. I know there is a Lexus dealer in Twickenham and seem to recall one in Guildford (both near enough for me!) Can anybody else recommend a good one (I don't mind travelling a bit!)

The car in question had a full Lexus service history, bar the last couple (the previous owner had been using McCarthys of Weybridge, until they closed.)

It did however have a reasonably major service about 15K or so ago (at a generic garage, not Lexus), in 2001, with a new cam belt, v-belt, plugs etc.

Is it worth having all these parts changed again at Lexus for reassurance (I have a phobia with cam belts!)

Other than asking for a major service, do I need to get them to check/change anything else (Do they change gearbox oil/differential oil etc or is that extra?)

What about changing the coolant/brake fluid etc? Any other preventative maintainance recommended at this age mileage (1994/M - 85K Miles).

Many thanks to everyone already for an informative, friendly and useful forum (Most of my pre-purchase checks I found on other posts) and if I can help return the favour in any way do not hesitate to ask.



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Guildford should do a good job but you will pay for it as their labour rates are £89+VAT /hour

Don't be too worried about the cam belt. If it breaks you will need to tow home but the engine will not be damaged.

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