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Hello everybody.

I am about to get a very nice IS 300h, but with a problem - the amp (ML) doesn't work e.g. is dead. So far, so good. In my previous car, my audio also doesn't worked, so I get used to drive without a music around me, but since I am planning to do some serious travels with that car around the continent I was wondering what options do I have to get it into an working order.

The most important things I am interested in are as follows:

- Does this amp has a functional equivalent (for example from another Lexus model which will fit the need)?

- Can I use standard amp from car with non-premium sound and get my audio working?

- Can I fit normal 3rd party amp with the same purpose as above

Or I just have to sacrifice around 2400 euros for e replacement unit, take it to the Lexus service and get it repaired?

Of course, before do anything I will take it to a sound tech who will check if this thing can be repaired or it should be declared as non-repairable, but still, I need to know what are my options before doing anything stupid which will cost me a lot of money (e.g. the replacement unit).

Thanks for all your inputs.

Stay safe!

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Thanks, Mark.

I will reach out to them and see what can be done, but in case this thing is not repairable, what other options do I have, since the suggestion is to aviod Lexus Service?

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