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I wonder if any of you will know the answer to this please.

I do a lot of walking and I am thinking of treating myself to a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus or a 5S Plus smart watch.

I know that those models come with maps included but I am wondering how good the maps are. For instance, are they as detailed as the Garmin SatNav maps, i.e. that they give the road and street names.  What I am thinking is, when I am in a city that I've not been to before, say for instance York or Harrowgate, can I navigate myself around the city and then use it to find my way back to the car.  In the past when I have been away, I generally make a note of the location of the car park and then when it is time to leave, I end up asking people if I am going in the right direction for the car park where I left my car.

I know that I could use Google Maps but I quite fancy a decent watch that gives me additional info, such as distance covered etc etc.

Many thanks.

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