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  1. Thank you Les. I'll go and give a shot now. EDIT: Perfick! All worked a treat. Thanks Les
  2. Hello folks, I have just acquired a new phone and have gone from an Android to an iPhone 7+. Can anyone tell me if I need to do anything regarding its use in my NX or, does the in-car system just recognise the phone number which I have retained. Many thanks.
  3. I recently changed all four tyres on my NX and I am really pleased with them. I can't remember what was on the car previously, I think that there was more than one make though. The Michelin are spot on, the ride is excellent and they are certainly not 'noisy' See the link to my original post above.
  4. Brilliant! Thank you John, (Britiprius) much appreciated. Thank you too John (royoftherovers) Unfortunately I can't put my hand to the manual, I think that her indoors may have put it somewhere 'tidy'😀
  5. Many modern cars have an option/switch whereby the angle of the dipped headlight beam can be adjusted. This is generally used to lower the angle of the beam when you have say a full complement of five passengers and a boot full of luggage causing the dipped headlights to be too high, thus dazzling on-coming cars. Anyone know if such an option is on the NX. If there is, I haven't found it yet! Many thanks.
  6. glynp1, did you see my post of December 20th in this thread? It would have been worth a look before you went to Lexus for your update.
  7. Following a number of recommendations from fellow members, I have replaced all four of my tyres with a set of Michelin Cross Climate's. I have to say that I am really very pleased that I did. I have had them for just over one month now and the difference over what was on the car previously is quite amazing. A big thank you to all who provided input. Happy New Year to everyone.
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone. Have yourselves a great time, be safe and drive carefully. Sincere good wishes to all you wonderful, helpful members. Best Wishes too for a Happy and healthy 2020.
  9. Have a look at this site Gareth, they are amazingly helpful people. Also have a read of this thread, it's not very long
  10. I have just done a 30 mile round trip on A and B roads and my car is showing as 39.7 mpg. I drive at the relevant speed limit where possible and appropriate. I am more than happy with what I get from mine.
  11. Just had a look at my system and can see the following............ Map version - 02-34-50 (2014-07-0) Software - VC181006 Data Update - 130379186007576 Toyotamaps have confirmed my setup as 13CY
  12. Hello Phil, thanks for this. I have the standard system with the dial control. I will have a look in the morning to see if I can spot the version that is on there at the moment.
  13. My car went in today for service and MOT. All went well and passed OK. However, they discovered a very small oil leak at the timing cover. the car is going back in for the work to be done on December 12th. I took advantage of the two year warranty option, I'm very glad I did. The cost is, so they tell me, £1537.24!!! The warranty has paid for itself already. EDIT: Would it REALLY cost that much to cure a small oil leak????? Having thought about it, I suppose if they have to strip out a lot of bits to get at it, this could result in added costs.
  14. Hi again Derek, I had a couple of updates to the firmware carried out on the two IS's that I have owned and there was no charge on each occasion. Apparently the firmware is what runs the in-car system. When I spoke to Lexus today, they said that when the car is in for service which mine was today, they said that they always check what version is installed and then update as necessary. When I had the IS I was able to check the versions to see if I was up-to-date. Now I've got the NX I haven't been able to do that, don't know why though. That's really why I asked the question, to see if I could verify the situation. What year maps did you get for £55.00? That is certainly a more realistic price for a map update. I have been in lengthy correspondence with Leus regarding the cost of their map updates, I have even sent them links to websites where updates for other makes are pitched around the £50.00 mark. All, they say is that they will refer the matter up but I have never heard anymore from them. Have you got a link to your update?
  15. Thanks for your input Derek, it's not the map update that I am looking for, just the firmware. I had a couple of updates done free of charge when I had my IS but I haven't been able to identify the latest version for my NX.
  16. Quite surprising that nobody knows the answer to this! I thought that the younger generation would be well up to speed on such matters.
  17. Hello folks. Does anyone know what is the latest up-to-date version number of the firmware for my 64 plate NX300h Luxury with convenience pack. Many thanks.
  18. Putting only one reversing lamp on cars is still a very stupid idea as was mentioned in a similar thread elsewhere on this forum. When you are driving in very rural narrow country lanes here in Devon and Cornwall (and other counties too) and on a moonless rainy night and, it becomes necessary to reverse to allow cars to pass each other, it can get extremely difficult. All in all, a really silly cost saving exercise, very similar to the 'wonderful' idea of dispensing with the spare wheel!
  19. Hello Pete, good of you to input. I am with Sky and all it says on the router is 'Sky' and so I do not know what make it is. If I decided to change the router, would they be able to tell? I suppose I could ask them if they could give me a static address, it ought to be free as I pay them enough each month. It is possible of course that they changed the ip address whilst I was at the hospital but I would have thought it unlikely to be honest. 'VPN termination' - you're talking to an old wrinkley here and that's gone straight over the top of the old grey matter🤣🤣🤣
  20. Hiya Herbie, Thank you for your help on this. Yesterday I was sat in the car on the car park of the main hospital in Exeter and, I decided to see if Hik-Connect would work and sure enough it did. I was watching the dustmen empty my bins and then got some images of my son dropping his dog off at my house. All this pleased me no end I can tell you, especially after all of the hassle over the past week. However, this joy was short lived I'm afraid. I was at the hospital with my wife and so I had a number of opportunities to pop out to the car and try it again. Yes you've guessed it, no matter how many times I tried it just wouldn't work again. When I got home, I tried it again via my own wi-fi connection and all was fine again! Don't it make you want to spit!!!!!!
  21. Hi Daniel, thank you for your input. Was your discount granted simply because you are a member or because you are a Gold member?
  22. Just had a look in my manual, page 194 says it is only available on vehicles with driving position memory.
  23. I had this feature on my IS Premier and loved it. Do you know if it will work on an NX Luxury? It's fascinating how you people find out how to do these things or is it in the manual and most people don't spot it.
  24. I thought that this was really worth a mention. I recently went up to Lincolnshire for a few days and i did just over 600 miles in total. The journey up from Exmouth was 280 miles and the run back was more or less the same. I drove at the speed limit where possible which obviously included A roads and motorways giving the whole range of speeds but mostly 50, 60 and 70mph, with the odd zip up to 75+ when necessary. The figures on the dash display showed 47.5 on the trip up and 46.2 on the run back home. I know that it's accepted that the figures shown in-car are a little optimistic but, even allowing for that, I am really pleased with the return. That coupled with the lovely comfortable drive/ride gives me great pleasure. If I win any money at any time, I will be going for the RX next, tis a big IF though methinks.
  25. Sorted! It would appear that I didn't close the cover properly when I filled up with petrol and, when I locked the car 'it' remained unlocked and slightly open which I only noticed the following morning. when I unlocked the car, then closed 'it' properly and then locked the car again, 'it' was properly locked. Sheer stupidity on my part that🤔 As regards the visor light, Lexus tell me that it is covered under warranty and so I'll let them deal with it.