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  1. I wonder if any of you will know the answer to this please. I do a lot of walking and I am thinking of treating myself to a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus or a 5S Plus smart watch. I know that those models come with maps included but I am wondering how good the maps are. For instance, are they as detailed as the Garmin SatNav maps, i.e. that they give the road and street names. What I am thinking is, when I am in a city that I've not been to before, say for instance York or Harrowgate, can I navigate myself around the city and then use it to find my way back to the car. In the past when I have been away, I generally make a note of the location of the car park and then when it is time to leave, I end up asking people if I am going in the right direction for the car park where I left my car. I know that I could use Google Maps but I quite fancy a decent watch that gives me additional info, such as distance covered etc etc. Many thanks.
  2. DanD said "It may be worth contacting your internet provider first: some will provide WiFi boosters for free. Virgin Media certainly do. I recently got some from them - at their suggestion - and they came by courier within two days" Thank you for your suggestion DanD, phoned Sky this morning, free booster should be with me by Wednesday. Brilliant! Thanks to all for your input.
  3. Thanks chaps for your valued input. Herbs, when you mentioned TP-Link in your post, that immediately rang a bell with me. I shot up into the loft and found my box of bits (stuff that 'I might just need in the future') and I found two TL-PA4010 TP-Link units. These are donkeys years old and there is no manual or software with them and no cables either but, the slots just seem like phone connectors which I have a couple of in the garage. However, I'm a little confused in that I can recall plugging one unit into the mains socket next to the router, then connecting it to the router with the phone cable. I seem to remember that I then plugged the other unit into the mains socket next to my pc and then connected it to the pc with a phone cable and bobs your uncle. However, my problem now is, whilst I can make the correct connection at the router end, when I plug the other TP-Link unit in in the summerhouse, it too has a phone socket which I can't, don't want to be, plugging anything into it, I am just wanting to increase the wi-fi signal so that phones and tablets can be used whilst out there. This being the case, it would seem that your first link and that suggested by doog442 would be my best bet. Am I right in thinking that? Thanks again for your help.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me with this one please. Is there any way that I can improve the wi-fi at home so that when we are out in the garden in the summerhouse we can get a good signal. Many thanks.
  5. Anyone got an answer to my question in the second paragraph of my post above (the one before this one)?
  6. I have now fitted my new CTEK charger permanently in the car. I used the ring connectors and have connected them to the + and - terminal posts on the battery and the charger is lying in a recess in the boot. It is now a simple job to just run the mains lead into the boot and plug the charger in. If I need to use the charger on my wife's car, it's a simple job of removing it from the boot of my car and to use the clamp system when charging the other car. The first time that I used the charger I ran the mains cable through the passenger window and then wound it up as near as closed as possible without catching the cable. What I would really like to know is, is there a route that I could take the mains cable to the boot without danger of crushing the cable or damaging the door/boot rubbers? When I fitted the cable to my battery, I encased it in some additional insulation (the outer of some electrical cable) as an additional safety measure. Not too sure that this was absolutely necessary but, I've always been a bit of a belt and braces sort of chap.
  7. Thanks chaps for your input. I have run Windows Defender and everything seems to be tidy at the moment. herbs, I have been into your link and have read it through and I decided to uninstall the rogue update. I'll see what happens over the next few days. I have also updated to version 1909 with a build number of 18363778. If I decide to give Bitdefender a go, do I need to turn off the Windows antivirus or can I run the two at the same time?
  8. A number of times during the past week I have had a message appear on my desktop. Can anyone tell me what it is please and is it anything I need to be concerned about or, is there anything that I need to do to stop it from appearing. I have also had messages appear in the bottom right hand corner of my monitor. This message says that Windows defender has recognised virus threats and I need to take action. I've only remembered this because one just appeared after I logged-on just now. When I looked in the 'Control Panel' yesterday there were a number that were labelled as 'severe' and some as 'medium'. I seem to recall that I had the option to 'ignore' 'quarantine' or 'remove' them. I didn't know what I was doing so I simply removed them. I recall that the word 'trojan' was mentioned at some point. Is all of this any cause for concern and is action needed outside of me just 'removing' them? Hopefully I have managed to insert an image of the message that I can only describe as a 'DOS screen'
  9. Herbs, you are an absolute GEM👍 The last line in your last post solved it. I now have the full set of icons and so will now give the conversions a go. A million thanks. Thanks too to ColinBarber and OldTrout for the help offered, as always it's very much appreciated.
  10. Hi again, well I have signed out and the logged in again but, i am getting the exact same screen as my screenshot shows. There isn't even an option to go into settings to make any adjustment. Is it possible that what I have is all I can get using Windows 10. What O/S are you using?
  11. I have gone into my iCloud Account and I have only a few icons showing, nothing like the number showing in Herbies link. Hopefully I have manage to attach a screen shot of what I have. Any thoughts anyone?
  12. Thank you chaps, you are all very kind with your offers of help. I do in fact have an icloud account on my pc. Before progressing further I will have a look in there and will then get back. Thanks again.
  13. Hello ColinBarber, thanks for your reply. In fact I have never owned a Mac. These files have been passed to me for a job that needs doing, they were originally created by someone we are no longer in touch with. i run Microsoft Office on Windows 10 professional.
  14. Hello folks, I have rather a lot of Apple files that I wish to convert to Microsoft. The files that I have are .pages and .numbers files and am wondering if anyone can recommend some reasonably priced software that would do the job. Many thanks.
  15. I am wondering, if this lockdown continues for quite a long time, (which is quite likely) and my car is stood on the same spot for several weeks/months, will the tyres develop a 'flat-spot' that might be noticeable when I start to drive it again. I recently had a new complete set of Michelin Cross Climates fitted, not cheap and, I wouldn't want something like this to effectively wreck them. Now, is my near 80 year old brain being stupid or is it something that might/could happen? Don't laugh will you☺️
  16. 10.55am 06/04/20 I have just checked my battery and it is showing as 11.51, this appears to be about 15%or so according to Herbies chart. Time to get a charger methinks. I do have what I would call a normal charger but I think that I prefer to go to one of the 'smart' jobbies. With the CTEK MXS 5.0, is it possible to permanently connect this to the battery and leave the actual charger hanging somewhere safely in the boot so that when charging becomes necessary you can simply plug the mains lead into it? A further thought, is it possible to check the state of the 12v battery by putting a mulitmeter across the special jump lead connectors under the bonnet? Also, would it be possible to connect the smart charger to these terminals and leave it permanently connected under the bonnet. This would make life even easier to connect the mains cable as my car is always parked nose first in front of the garage (nay workshop) door and would avoid the need to mess around in the boot area, or are these connectors equally fiddly to get at.
  17. Thank you herbs, I will give it a go tomorrow morning and will report back.
  18. Thank you chaps for the pointers towards the CTEK MXS 5.0, I will probably invest in one of these but, having searched around, I'm surprised at the price variations on it. Where is the safest place to buy one from? I usually buy a lot of stuff from Amazon which up to now has always been trouble free. I have had a look at the manual and it would appear that the 12v battery is located in the same position as it is in the IS300h and so is easily accessible. With regards to charging, the manual states quite clearly on page 532 "If recharging with the 12v battery installed on the vehicle, be sure to disconnect the ground cable" this appears contrary to what is being said in this thread. I mentioned in my original post that I do have a multimeter and could do an initial check of the health of my battery. Can someone tell me what setting to use on the meter and, what reading I should get for the battery for it to be in good condition regarding the current charge level. There have been some interesting posts on this thread regarding the technicalties of battery power etc, pretty much all of which has gone flying over the top of this near 80 year old head!! Thanks again for all the help chaps, as always, very much appreciated.
  19. Can someone enlighten me please as to what action. if any, is needed to ensure that my batteries remain in reasonable condition whilst my car is parked up, perhaps possibly for many weeks to come. At the moment it is just over two weeks since it was last used. Is there some way that I can check to see what sort of state they are in at the moment? I have a multimeter but I am not a competent user of it. can I put it across the 12v terminals to check and if so, what settings will I need to use? I'm not sure where the 12v battery is located in my NX, I will have to dig out the manual today and have a look. If the battery needs charging, can I do it in situ, or do I need to disconnect the lead to be on the safe side? If I can get the 12v one healthy, what can I do about the hybrid battery. Would it simply be a case of sitting in the car with the engine running for say half an hour? Thanks for any help that may be offered. Hope you are all managing to keep safe and well in these difficult times. Fantastic response to the 8pm applause session last night, can become quite emotional really. Well done to each and every one of them.
  20. I know that may of you use some sort of OBD tools/systems but I am wondering if any of you have come across, or use, this one? I know nothing about such things myself and am asking purely from an interest point of view and, would be keen to see what any of you have to say about it, good or bad.
  21. Thank you Les. I'll go and give a shot now. EDIT: Perfick! All worked a treat. Thanks Les
  22. Hello folks, I have just acquired a new phone and have gone from an Android to an iPhone 7+. Can anyone tell me if I need to do anything regarding its use in my NX or, does the in-car system just recognise the phone number which I have retained. Many thanks.
  23. I recently changed all four tyres on my NX and I am really pleased with them. I can't remember what was on the car previously, I think that there was more than one make though. The Michelin are spot on, the ride is excellent and they are certainly not 'noisy' See the link to my original post above.
  24. Brilliant! Thank you John, (Britiprius) much appreciated. Thank you too John (royoftherovers) Unfortunately I can't put my hand to the manual, I think that her indoors may have put it somewhere 'tidy'😀
  25. Many modern cars have an option/switch whereby the angle of the dipped headlight beam can be adjusted. This is generally used to lower the angle of the beam when you have say a full complement of five passengers and a boot full of luggage causing the dipped headlights to be too high, thus dazzling on-coming cars. Anyone know if such an option is on the NX. If there is, I haven't found it yet! Many thanks.