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I purchased my 2017 F Sport 300h late August with 13K miles and fetched it 145 miles to get it home. It noticed a sustained slight drift to the nearside on motorways and when home I found an OE Dunlop Sport Maxx 050 on the OSF and a Pirelli P7 on NSF, which was a silly thing to find on the steering axle of a quality car.. 

Two new Dunlop OE tyres fitted together have cured the steering issue and I am left with two good tyres with 5 to 5.5mm even wear tread left and no damage.

I am not keen to blot my copybook quickly and after reading the forum rules I am unclear whether or not I can inform anyone that I have two decent part-worn tyres available.

I would not propose to advertise any price but simply invite any interested member to contact me directly. 

Can the moderator clarify the position please?    

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You can sell them, as long as they're advertised in the relevant section - The buyers & sellers corner.

I'd post a link if I wasn't on mobile...just scroll down, it's near the bottom of the forum. :)

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