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Drain automatic transmission fluid

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Hi all

New to the forum, just acquired a 2003 IS200 SE auto, and the transmission oil is due a refresh.  A quick look underneath without being jacked up did not help me find the location of the drain plug!!  Can anyone help - perhaps a photo? - I cannot find anything on the net at all!!  Only for the IS 300 which I believe is a different box?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Hey James


If trans has a drain plug, it will be on the pan (sump) of transmission.

if it does not , you would need to remove the pan. You may need a replacement gasket if you break or crush the existing one.

Make sure you fill with the correct specification oil, as this will affect the clutch inside the torque converter and could possibly do more damage than good.

Hope that helps

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Thanks very much, big help.  I haven't been able to get the car ver high so far and as you know it's not visible easily; which side of the car should I look from?  It's rhd of course as am in the UK, I think from what I've seen it's the passenger side, but might be wrong?  Have found nothing on the internet! Tx James

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Sump plug is center of car, probably easiest to access from the opposite side the exhaust runs down. 

So yes I think passengers side

Im from NZ, so we are rhd as well

Good luck James

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