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Altezza 3sge running rough?

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Hi was wondering if anyone can help me out bit of a strange one with my 3sge beams altezza the car isnt very lively of itself at times and if i remove the efi relay under the bonnet and put it back in the car is alot more lively of itself what would cause this faulty fuel pump as if i change the relay itself it seems to make no real difference unless its removed and put back in ?


Car is running more less standard it has a hks induction kit with maf sensor and standard ecu etc the only other thing i have noticed is it seems to have had the cats gutted amd only one wire for 02 sensor under the passenger footwell tied up and not actually in the mid section of the exhaust pipe and there is no hole for it and i cant find the wires for the 02 sensors pre cats so not sure if they where cut out car seems to run a little rich at times but more flat spots than anything 



Help would be appreciated 👌👌

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Are you removing the EFI relay itself or the EFI fuse? Removing the EFI fuse removes power from the ECU; resetting the ECU would make the car feel different. Just removing the relay shouldn't remove power from the ECU so seems weird that you notice a difference after it has been removed.

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