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24 minutes ago, Andy Richards said:


i have an 04 sc430, had her for 14years and love her dearly, only I hate the bumper reflectors, any ideas? Paint over? Replace?


cheers Andy

Hi Andy and welcome. Bob or Neil or Nick or ano will pick this up shortly.

In the meantime join

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Hi Andy

14 years, that must be worth a long service medal. 👍

There are a few ways you could deal with the side markers. 

I have a bodykit on mine so took the opportunity before fitting the bumpers to blank out the side markers with fibre-glass. A good body-shop should have no great difficulty doing the same to your original bumpers but there's a fair amount of work involved to do it properly. 

There's a short version of the thread here. and it will lead you elsewhere too.

One of the best if not the best examples of a class and cost effective solution to side markers is found on Steve's  WIL44 's SC430. There are lots of subtle changes to the car, it's brilliant but as you can see, the side markers look fine painted in the body colour. 


Here's a thread on clublexus that may help.




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