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  1. £8-10K should get you a decent facelift SC430. They are very reliable, running costs will be dependent on annual mileage but it's not an expensive car to maintain.
  2. Usually they will only charge a premium if the modification enhances the performance in some way so I would say it's best to let them know and hope there's no extra charge. Some insurers will refuse cover if the car has mods as they just aren't able to cover the risk on some policies. The brakes ought to be okay as they are the same size and designed to be direct replacements for the car.
  3. Yes indeed, one my previous insurers ran out of room on their mod list form for the SC430.🤣
  4. I haven't looked into spacers for the SC as I have wide wheels that fill out the slightly wider arches on my non-standard car but would say it's best to go to a trusted supplier for the spacers. (I think the GS has Japspeed hub-centric spacers) The size should be fairly easy to determine with a little careful measuring of the distance between your tyres and the wheel arches as they are now. This calculator helps with after market rims and different offsets.
  5. There are spacers on the GS - fitted by the previous owner and they seem to work fine.
  6. 245 40 18 on standard rims is best. Michelin Pilot Sport is a very good if not the best choice. 👍 .....except for snow.🙂 In the snow the SC is going to need winter tyres of course. Front 245 35 19 on 8.5" and rear 285 30 19 on 10" or 10.5" rims would be my ideal set up. The handling is transformed but the ride comfort is compromised, even with the best aftermarket suspension set up.
  7. Looks really cool, just like the beige leather.😎 We know you like it really.🤣
  8. Hi Ant, I think it looks quite cool but it's one of the few mods I haven't done. I don't think the roof was designed to be used that way. It might be possible to silence the warning beep with Techstream. Another (expensive) option is to fit a high quality aftermarket alarm and then you could control the windows, roof, start the car remotely, etc with the fob, much like the Lux-Link Colin refers to.
  9. It's fully documented in a couple of other places but this diagram shows how it can be done with a few inexpensive bits and pieces. Steve (WiL44) showed the way on this one with a list of what's required. Also Try here for the sequence to control the rear quarter windows temporarily.
  10. I would always go for air suspension over standard and would suggest it only significantly degrades when a fault occurs. In my experience the ride quality is better, it's more reliable and has the added ride height/sport option. Perhaps the biggest risk is in the lack of fault knowledge and availability of experienced engineers/parts to fix issues quickly before further damage occurs. With a basic understanding of how it works, air-sus isn't so scary.
  11. Hi Jim, I note the stated model year is a 2002. Is it using an aftermarket blue-tooth system to connect your phone? Does it work okay if you make a call yourself and hang up the call correctly when the call is ended?
  12. Has the height controller for the low corner been checked? It needs to signal for the air to go to that leg.
  13. There was a time when it would have been easier to connect the mixer. Most professional car audio installers would run away from Lexus audio systems as the speaker set up is designed to work with the original amplifier however plug and play solutions are available now. Did you also purchase an interface to connect the new Kenwood head unit to the original amplifier or was the plan to use the small amp in the head unit (if it has one) or use a different amp with a line out converter perhaps? The difficulty is in how you send the audio signal to the speakers, hence Steve's question. For plug and play interfaces search Metra Axxess or Beat-Sonic RX-82.
  14. Replacing an old exhaust is always going to be a help but it would be interesting to see what the dyno says as most who modify the exhaust agree that regardless of the satisfying V8 sound, it feels like extra power has been released but few actually test to see the numbers. I removed the resonators and went with a high flow similar shape rear box. It is said to act as a rear diffuser, removing it may shed a little weight but add a small amount of extra drag. Of course the most restrictive part of the exhaust system is the log style manifolds.
  15. The third cat can be deleted without any significant change to the exhaust note. No crackle or pop. The other 2 cats need to stay to pass an MOT.
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