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  1. Hi Peter welcome to the club. Ask the dealer where it has been serviced and put the vehicle registration into the Govt MOT check site for the MOT history. That should give you some background on it. Hopefully it's had the cam-belt replacement service and water-pump replacement done. They are important. 1000 miles per year may increase once you get behind the wheel of the SC430, it's a rewarding drive. If the car is fine now and has been maintained correctly it should last you a lifetime. Mine has done 150,000 miles without any major issue despite all of the abuse it has received.
  2. That sounds like very good service. I was a given a brand new RXL for a few days. There was a insurance fee of £25 but as I had some additional work done, they didn't charge it.
  3. . Thanks . An X pipe should improve the flow and stop the drone. What you're proposing has been done many times before. How loud it will be will depend on the silencers. There are examples on you tube and on Lexus World. Richard (The Lexusman) does his that way. Good question, I didn't ask so I don't know if my big rear silencer has glassfibre around the tubes or if it's perforated stainless steel but I'm happy that it does the job and makes the right sound for me.
  4. Lexus, well known on line auction sites, and salvage/car breakers. Many breakers offer parts searches on line. You might even find a set of the newer style wheels if you ask the SC430 community. Plenty of owners have aftermarket alloys.
  5. Hi Phil, welcome to the club.There's a lot of info on exhaust set up here and on the US site. If you search elsewhere, read my build thread and follow the links to other resources you will find all you need to know and more besides. Third cat delete is not an MOT failure. If the system maintains a Y pipe or an X pipe to merge the flow from both banks and then split them again to be muffled by a rear silencer or two it shouldn't drone or cause fatigue on long journeys. Centre resonators will make it quieter, too quiet in my view but it's a matter of choice. Skip to 5.50, and 12.15 for the exhaust bits.
  6. Takata air bag replaced by Motorline Lexus Gatwick, again by a Master Tech. All seems to be working very well. Had a good chat with the very helpful service manager Andy. Would definitely recommend them and was surprised to learn that they have done as many as 25 - 30 SC430 airbag recalls in the 18 months that they have been open at Gatwick.
  7. Good news, that sounds more like it. The diagram makes it look a tough task but knowing how quick it is to take the centre console apart, I suspect it will be fairly easy to fix.
  8. Hi Harry I wasn't able to talk to the tech, I might be able to when I pick the car up next week but I know from my experience of the SC430 that it is designed to clear all of the front screen and it does just that. Despite having a build thread of 46 pages, I haven't needed to access the heater so have no experience or pictures of the assembly but looking at the diagram below for the lhd model, the driver side damper sub assy and the mode damper sub assy move the 'flaps' that direct the air flow. My suspicion is that in the course of carrying out the air bag recall work something was done accidentally (or not reconnected) to disturb the operation of perhaps the drivers side servo or the duct to the screen on the driver's side. I've With the temp set to say 25 both sides. If you try the different modes on the HVAC panel display, can it direct hot air to 'feet only' on both sides and to the centre vents on both sides or is the driver side actually stuck in the one mode?
  9. Well if it's a common problem with SC430 models I haven't heard of it and I'm in touch with quite a few owners. Clublexus would usually have a thread or two if it was a known issue but searching for similar faults doesn't seem to reveal anything common and I can't find a clear diagram that shows how the control to the screen vents is connected. Mine goes in tomorrow for the air bag recall. If I'm able to speak to the technician as I was last time, I will ask if he thinks it's necessary to disconnect the ducts or if it's possible to accidentally disturb the damper control in the process. If Lexus Gatwick get mine wrong I may have to get the spanners out and do a new tutorial 🤣 I haven't needed to get to the passenger airbag so far but I am concerned that they need the car for 2 days.
  10. If Lexus Bristol said that to me, I would ask them if they are prepared to put it in writing so that I could publish it on my you-tube channel. The offside of the front screen demists just fine and I'm quite certain Lexus designed them all to clear both sides of the screen. If it worked before it went in for the recall it needs to go back to the dealer to be fixed.
  11. Yes it's specifically designed to work with the ML system and factory sat nav. Beat-Sonic MVA-24L appears to be the interface for the LS430 2006. It's worth checking with Beat-Sonic on the model number for the European car. They are very helpful. I adapted a US version a few years ago for an SC430 and it works fine. You do lose the audio functions on the steering wheel but there's much more to gain from a modern head unit. It also provides scope to enhance the sound system should you so wish.
  12. Neil E

    Sc430 amp

    I've sent a reply to your PM. It's not a simple task. If you are serious about swapping the amp it might be best to consult a good car audio supplier / installer. It will require a line out converter or an amp that can take speaker level inputs. I might suggest looking at say a JL Audio amp but there are so many different amps out there at various budget levels. They can recommend a good quality flexible amp and harness to suit your needs, advise on replacement speakers, etc. Alternatively I dare say a thorough search of the on-line breakers might turn up a good spare ML amp for less than £200.
  13. Hi and congratulations, a very posh looking car and in the quickest colour combination. I used to have one a bit like that. 🙂
  14. Neil E

    Sc430 amp

    The ML amp for the LS430 appears to be 86280-0w41.
  15. Very tricky as the loom is going to be slightly different. Impressed that everything works except the nav door. If you look carefully at the wiring diagrams and at some of the Beatsonic pdfs it may be possible to identify which wires control the door.