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  1. I can confirm that even when it's not secured properly my spare wheel doesn't interfere with the boot cover. Have you got it in the car with the outer face of the space-saver pointing to the rear and is it fully down in the cut out for it? There is a securing bracket that can be obtained to hold it in place or the floor mat can be cut and reshaped to hold it firm too. Bob did a good tutorial on it. Link below + bracket + the real cover image. I can't say I've noticed a great deal of glare from the dash in the setting sun. Perhaps someone has used some 'back to black' or polish on it that could be cleaned off. If it's a permanent sheen and very annoying I have seen a flock finish style dash mat product that can be applied to the top of the dash. I'm sure that would cure the glare but not sure if it's available for the rhd model.. If cut to shape neatly and fixed lightly with double sided tape that might be a solution without harming the original dash fabric.
  2. Welcome, sounds like you're happy with the car. Hopefully someone in the Leeds area may have a recommendation or two. The good guys I use are a long way from Yorkshire. In my experience some dealerships aren't too bad for general servicing, it might be worth checking costs before ruling them out.
  3. Definitely Marmite. Coming from the Soarer community we weren't impressed with it as a successor but some really love the lines of the car. It took me a long time to warm to the 3GS it lacks the Lexus signature in its design but I eventually got over it and bought the GS430 though the interior finish is not as good as a 2 GS430 or an SC for that matter. I would describe the 3 GS as a sleek but plain saloon, an ideal sleeper that could have been much better. As a sleeper, It could have been given the 2UR instead of the detuned 1UR too. A project for another day maybe?
  4. I suppose so Phil ....about £24k so far 🤣 and I haven't forgotten, I'll been down whenever it's allowed. Thomas, I've only seen left hand drive special edition Pebble Beach model SC430s in the US. They are easily identified by a little silver emblem by the auto shift lever.
  5. No worries, that's what clubs and forums are for. You're paying it forward with your informative You Tube vids as opposed to my poor efforts in that vein.....notes on how Not to treat your SC430. The infamous Bluewater meet and gate-crashing the MR2 owners club meet last year. All good fun but poorly edited. It was only for fellow SC430 owners really but the build thread has been viewed far more times than I ever imagined it would be. Probably due an update, perhaps I should engage you to do it professionally when I next fly to the Highlands. Now that you have fixed the audio maybe you could have a go at my Nav screen project that needs finishing.. Pure madness. Real time OBD read out via bluetooth using Scantool and DashCommand.
  6. Yes still seems expensive. No one on here would but some will spend silly amounts on cars to get them just how they want them. 🤣
  7. Agreed and if the new owner can sell it today for a similar price it really was worth it. If not then it wasn't. At £18k it must be a recent record for an SC. It's definitely not worth it but if anyone wants to pay £18k for mine please get in touch. 🤣
  8. Seems too high to me but others sold for prices around £15K with higher mileage and it's rare to see one in this colour combination.
  9. Hi Thomas, glad you got it sorted. 👍
  10. A 3UZ isn't a 2UR but the genuine V8 growl can be released with a little help.🙂
  11. Can't match the looks or performance but it's possible to get some fairly similar tunnel music from your SC for a lot less than £100k. I'm curious to know how much noise suppression the soft-top provides. The hard top is very good in this regard.
  12. Well if you do head in that direction, I've just started experimenting with bluetooth OBDlink MX+ and It seems pretty good so far. You may know more than I. It only reads the PIDs but the user can set upper and lower level warning points on a display or gauge. Works with Android, IOS and Windows and creates data log files for any of the parameters chosen to be logged. Logging data from many PIDs did seem to slow it down in real time display mode but worth a look if you need the info. I guess you will be headed for a rolling road session for a proper tune at some stage.
  13. Would prefer a hard top but I wouldn't say 'No.'
  14. Love it, I do like a gauge or two, very smart Rob. Have you considered tapping into the OBD2 port for more info?
  15. I agree with everything Colin says/asks but can you also identify which wire when 'wiggled' causes it to connect? Is it the blue and white wire perhaps? I think that will be the head unit to amp remote turn on.