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  1. Sounds great and worthy of a build thread.
  2. If it's maintained correctly it should cope with very high mileage. In the US there are examples with 300k on them.
  3. Are both headlights too high or just one? It is possible to do a manual adjustment (I've done it as a temp adjustment) but if everything is set correctly and working correctly then there should be no need as the lights auto level. This thread on the US site explains it after the first few posts.
  4. 285 should be fine and the rolling circumference is spot on. I had 2 sets of Contis at 285 on 9.5 but after fitting the rear ISF ARB I went with 275 Contis on the rear and it felt better. I know it can vary from one tyre make to another but if I was to do it all again, I would go for 10 or 10.5 inch rims to run 285s. The slight flare on the rear arch from the kit does allow for a slightly more aggressive offset. I would think the strut brace for the Mk2 GS is the same as the SC but haven't found anything to confirm it.
  5. Good info Toby, what width wheels do you have?
  6. Looks very impressive. Might be worth asking them directly if they make a version that works with the RHD UK model RX. The lack of detailed specification info on the site is a concern, I would feel more confident about the quality of Alpine, Kenwood or Pioneer with a Beatsonic interface but that could only upgrade the AV and Nav.. Beat-sonic definitely does work with the ML system but it's not a cheap solution.
  7. No experience of the Apexi or Blitz versions but they simply open the throttle quicker than the standard factory setting will allow. Some of the tests done by various car bloggers demonstrate it quite well but I haven't seen a test with an SC430 reset to factory standard response against a throttle controller to know how much of the delay is saved.
  8. Might be worth asking these guys if they can help. They supply universal adjustable links.
  9. Hi Toby glad to help with the info. Were you able to obtain the drop links and bushes too?
  10. For a strut brace I think the US will be your best option now but you could try The Lexusman. I had to import my rear ARB and that wasn't too painful. Coil-overs and stiffer sway-bars definitely make a difference.
  11. Well done Rob, good to see you're back on it. That's a great result. All the best for 2020.
  12. Hi Joe, I don't think Retroplay actually fitted the mirrors, I think it was just an observation that the Japanese /UK spec cars have the folding mirror feature. IF the mirrors are controlled by the door modules then that might help but I haven't been able to find anything to confirm it. If there are US and UK versions then they may not be inter-changeable as they control other features, it's going to take some research.
  13. It could be coincidence but the cruise stalk is on the steering wheel. If the cruise light on the dash is illuminated then that would suggest the cruise stalk is connected correctly. So in 'Drive' above 30 mph if the stalk when pushed up and down to set the speed doesn't work that suggests the contacts in the stalk could be the issue. If you're okay disconnecting the battery and removing the steering wheel with a suitable puller then it's a fairly quick task to swap the stalk for a good secondhand part.
  14. Hi Joe I can't find a wiring diagram for the mirrors, Retroplay on clublexus looked into this before and we confirmed the mirrors swivel on the button and have the option to tilt down when reverse gear is selected. Try these people for the parts. they are showing results for door mirrors. Search for UK Lexus breakers and you will find there are a few.
  15. Hi Ross, it sounds like you're on top of it now. The ML system can sound very good and of course because the car is so large and so quiet that helps a lot but ultimately it's only going to sound as good as the speakers will allow. Adding good sub bass can make quite a difference at reasonable listening levels. I'm still convinced that the old LS400 had one of the best standard car audio systems but I haven't yet found a standard car set up to compare with one made from high quality aftermarket components. I'm looking to swap from the SC430 to an RCF but I know the audio will be a big disappointment.