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  1. Neil E

    Stereo problems....

    The mechanic would have taken the trim out of the boot to access the top mountings of the rear shocks. If there's no sound at all, then yes, it could be an issue with the amp or a connection to it.
  2. Okay thanks for the advice, maybe I'll look into changing the leather seats for cloth instead.🤣
  3. Thanks Graham I'll give it go.
  4. Neil E

    Tailgate lift struts

    Worth a try for £12. I've read mixed reports for UK strut suppliers.
  5. I can deal with the leather even to the point of matching the dye but what do you guys recommend for seat-belts? The beige belts are particularly hard to get clean. I've tried interior cleaner, neat TFR and various other sauces with limited success.
  6. Neil E

    parking sensors

    I think you will need to measure the holes. The original rear sensors on mine were a dealer fit option and looked very similar to this aftermarket kit. When I changed the rear bumper I fitted a camera instead.
  7. Neil E

    Luggage Rack

    It's quite surprising how much will fit into an SC430 if it's packed well. I carry a space-saver spare wheel in the boot, hifi system on the back seat and can still manage luggage for a 2 week long Summer/Autumn holiday. I will admit it wouldn't work for a winter holiday.
  8. Yes,I suspect on this occasion, cleaning it might have fixed my controller. The problem with air suspension is that so few people know what to do with it. I'm no expert but experience with the Soarer, LS430 and the RX has kept me floating on air okay so far. If a strut fails, usually the pump will be going full time to get the air back into it and the air leak usually traced to the low corner. Struts don't usually fail in pairs. Unless it's something obscure, a dealer that knows their stuff should be able to diagnose the problem and explain it properly. The rear height controllers cost £200 new. I vaguely remember cleaning a Soarer controller that worked for a while but I need to keep 2 cars on the road ready to go anywhere so prefer to fit new and accept the cost. Electrical component cleaner like the cleaner used for MAF sensors I think is what I used. There's a tutorial somewhere in the Soarer forums. A sticking (or broken) controller rod linkage is another possibility, I think this may have been the case with mine the other day. I've known this happen following vehicles being jacked up for tyre fitting, new brakes, etc or going over very rough terrain with the controller rods being extended to the maximum. (I've only seen them actually break on a Soarer and it's very obvious)
  9. If the car is high, it's usually a fault with the height controller in the highest corner. I would get another opinion unless the dealer explained why the car is high and why the front struts are 'solid.' As a quick check, park the car on level ground and measure the wheel arch lip to tyre gap for each corner. If it looks high at the front, is one side higher than the other? Coincidentally, I had to replace the rear offside height controller on my RX300 last night. It took 15 minutes and fixed the issue immediately, no special diagnostic equipment required. I replaced the rear near side controller when that one failed some time ago. I first encountered air suspension through owning a V8 Soarer. Height controller faults usually result in the car being higher. When the car goes very low in one corner then that tends to be a strut failure.
  10. Neil E

    Speed Equips lexus is200

    IS400 that's awesome. Takes me back to Soarer days. IUZFE + headers + cat delete + x pipe must be 280+bhp?
  11. Neil E

    Aftermarket satnav/stereo upgrade

    I've always liked Alpine but Pioneer integrate well with Lexus. Yes 4 hours should be enough as they are just replacing the head unit. It took me a lot longer but that was before Beatsonic made the euro version of the MVA-13L.
  12. Neil E

    Aftermarket satnav/stereo upgrade

    Yes Chris, pretty soon we won't even need voice command, it will just play the track you were thinking of and the car will drive itself to the destination.
  13. Neil E

    Aftermarket satnav/stereo upgrade

    Nice work Graham. It's also quite easy to connect an add-on device like Grom or Vaistech, etc if you prefer to keep the original head unit but to have a modern Sat Nav with live traffic updates, a double din unit would be the neatest solution.
  14. Neil E

    new member in Spain

    Yes it's one of the known faults that can develop with the ML amp. With this particular fault, switching off the head unit prevents the amp from drawing power. I had this on the RX300. Replacing the amp cured the issue.
  15. Neil E

    Some nice Soarers for sale.

    I tried poly-bushes on the V8 but went back to Toyota originals as they just didn't last.The V8 Soarer is the most sure-footed car I've been in at very high speed and the auto was a joy. The hifi was similar to the LS400, some of them even had Nak head units. As for the Soarer in the add, it's not worth that much until you compare it to a Supra and I suspect it's a bit of a handful to drive.