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  1. Excellent, well done Rob, that must be worth a small celebration. 🥂 Probably qualifies you for promotion in the Lex-celebrity jabbing order too. Session or two on the rollers and then off to the summer meets.
  2. GS430, Mustang and XKR, that's quite a collection. 'Flew' into Exeter by RX300 for a couple of days and just used the airport hotel. PPE have been very helpful. When I asked them about rhd headers for the SC430 they suggested sending one side complete and the components + sufficient pipes with mandrel bends to make a 'near' mirror image of the header for the offside. I must be mad but they are doing the same for the 1UR in the GS460.
  3. The headers were from PPE Engineering in the US. Near side header fabricated and they also shipped the components for the offside header to be fabricated in the UK to avoid the steering column knuckle. There's some info in the SC project thread and a whole lot more elsewhere....only go there when you're having trouble sleeping.🙂 Headers and custom exhaust could be £3-4k. It was an adventure I would only recommend to someone utterly obsessed with needing more power....and I'm not, it just needed to be done.🙃 If you change your mind, I can help with info on headers and a course of counselling.
  4. I think you're entitled to moan a bit with the bad luck on the engine Mike, great job on sorting it. I would say your comments and assessments seem pretty well balanced and fair. Yes plenty of potential and I feel you know where you want to take it before setting out which is always a good thing. I said I wouldn't do headers as they are too expensive and difficult to do and then later took it on. Have you found anyone who claims to have fully tuned the 3UZ with a blower? I have a shiny blue aftermarket IS F-sport rear ARB in the garage that I couldn't fit around the rear centre bracing
  5. Excellent, really enjoyed that. The GS430 is a car overlooked by many and it's a real gem. I had one for a short while a few years ago and the previous generation model for a number of years before. Just as you said in the vid, not the easiest to modify for additional thrills but very rewarding to drive once you get in tune with the chassis. I haven't checked but does an ISF rear anti-roll bar fit the GS? That's what I have on the back of the SC and it really made a difference in controlling the rate of lean.
  6. Hi Charlie, I think you may need to trace the cable to see if it goes into an aftermarket kit such as a GTA or Grom. The link below may help a little or if you need more options for higher grade audio I can point you in a more expensive direction. 🙂
  7. LHD image but this may help. I didn't think of the gateway ecu and I remember investigating a potential fault on the LS430 gateway a few years ago.
  8. I'm not sure from the description but it could be a faulty switch or may just need a reset. Check the window lock button is okay first and then go to the passenger door window button. Press it to see if it will nudge up or down slightly. You may be able to feel if the motor is trying to operate.
  9. A video or audio clip would help. Seat belt or handbrake 'on' warning beep?
  10. Thanks Colin, it's certainly made me curious. As I said earlier, apart from any tuning, the only difference I can see is in the manifolds, exhaust and intake. Unless it's forced induction, air intake doesn't normally make very much difference if at all so the complex dual ram LS460 set up is interesting. Yes, I shall have to consider brakes, suspension, ARBs and maybe bracing but the aim is to keep the look and overall ride quality as close to standard as possible. The brakes do feel very strong, in fact given the mileage it all seems pretty tight. If there's a weakness it may be in
  11. Yes Nick, there are some odd physical differences in the intake and the exhaust which might make a slight difference but it's unlikely to be as much as 33 bhp without some ECU tuning. I think it is exactly as you say, for marketing reasons Lexus didn't want the GS460 to overshadow the LS for performance or perhaps be a roomy alternative to the ISF. They changed their 'tune' later with the RCF, GSF and LC all providing different flavours of performance packages. That said the GS350, GS430 and 450 are all 'quick' comfy cars. The madness has commenced, I've ordered the bit's from PPE i
  12. Thanks Steve, in that case, I definitely need to meet them. I'm quite well set up for most things but they might be the right guys to help with the GS460 and the SC430 is overdue another dyno run too. 🙂
  13. The dealer has to make the profit somewhere and they will allow for the odd issue or surprise. They won't put the car on the forecourt so it will go out to trade. £2900 is very low if it's a well kept example, they hope you are keen to enjoy the new car and want to offload the old car hassle free. Lexus Reading and Cardiff offered £4k for my 06 SC against 2 different RCFs, it's about what I expected.
  14. Ah, sorry I missed this post. Yes SRD are on my list to contact and they are only a few miles away. I think I've met one of the guys as I had a recommendation to visit them whilst in Burgess Hill about 18 months ago but I haven't been to see them yet. Lee has a very good reputation. I know they can fit them but I wonder if they can build headers? The work they did on the RR Supercharged ISF was impressive and it appears they have their own dyno too.
  15. Yes, turning thoughts and ideas into costs. Started looking for a new rear bumper to be rid of the quads too.🙂 I was looking at the rear light arrangement after reading something on the US forum and was surprised to learn that the tail-lights are only fitted to the outer lens clusters and not both. Am I permitted a subtle rear spoiler? @Thomas, you can have the 55 people who accidentally subscribed to my channel if that would help? I say 'channel' but it was just a vid. I was trying to think of a new idea or angle on reviewing for you but there a
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