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  1. Hi Manuel, good to hear the SC gets proper exercise. The RX300 is my trusty versatile workhorse but I must admit I too am considering a big lazy V8 saloon to replace it with, I'm considering a return to an LS. My SC has seen a little less duty this year so despite the high mileage it's looking quite good with fewer blemishes than normal. Apart from all of the silly modifications, I would say it's abused and pampered in equal measure.
  2. They do occasionally appear but yes you may have to compromise a little or wait for the right car to come along. If you find one in the right colour combination that has been looked after properly then that too would be worth considering as higher mileage on these beasts really isn't a problem. It depends on the circumstances of course but I often think that a car that has seen regular use and proper maintenance is better than one that's sat idle for long periods of time. A car with say 90k FSH, new cambelt and water pump service, new shocks, bushes, brakes, tyres, exhaust, etc might be better than one with 40k advertised as little use with so many components perished. My badly treated car has done over a 150k miles, it doesn't miss a beat, no loss of power, in fact it has gained a little. 🙂
  3. Good choice, a late black on black V8 Ltd would be rare and a very desirable car. Likely to be £6k +
  4. I was only referring to the colour white that I'm not keen on. The white Soarer looks pretty good. If I had a choice of colour I would go for blue as per my blue V8.
  5. I'm not so keen on the colour but the white one looks a decent prospect with a high level of equipment. If you find one for say £3k it's likely to need a lot of work to get it to where the white one is already. I think the 1UZFE V8 Limited is the definition of a Soarer so that's the model I would choose. It was as good in its day as the LC500 is today,....but more comfortable. The 2.5T VVTi or TT is better than having an F-Sport option today as it's really quick and with a little time and cash can be quicker so if someone wanted a luxury sleeper Supra, it's ideal.
  6. Yes I love the sales hype.🤣 The engineers do the best they can with the budget and it sounds pretty good. In some models the system sounds very good. The question was about the value of the system in the GS450. Examining the components will reveal that the budget provided doesn't quite match the advertising hype but the sum of the parts would be worth something to a GS owner wishing to upgrade. I recall being quoted over £800 for an amp and £300 for an LS430 sub many years ago.
  7. Mark Levinson in the car is Harman. Home ML is something different. Manufacturers including Lexus don't usually spend very much on the individual audio components so it probably isn't worth a lot but Lexus do much better than most of the competition. ML in the RCF is a bit of a joke when the car is sending 'tuned' induction/exhaust noise at you.
  8. Yes JC loved it as much as TG hated the SC430.🤣 I always wanted the 32 but probably saved myself some grief as too many people had issues with it that proved difficult to resolve and it was the heaviest which made it feel a little sluggish. 4 wheel steering, active suspension and a list of extras that I've long forgotten. I looked for a while and got really lucky finding the blue V8. It was the best sounding smoothest 1UZ-FE I've known and I've been around a few. I wish I had put it on the dyno just to check that it was indeed standard before doing the de-cat. It just seemed to have so much effortless torque.
  9. I can understand that Phil, the Soarers certainly got the treatment and there's a long list of crimes against various Lexus and others that came before and after. 😏 However....strangely, the RX daily drive is completely stock standard apart from winter tyres and the private number plate, I don't think those count. 🙂 It has just about every option Lexus had to offer, including headrest monitors but unless I'm mistaken, it's otherwise all factory standard. I'm doubting myself as I type as I've had it for several years and about 90,000 miles. Unless there's a lot of deep snow or some difficult terrain to play with, it's pretty boring to drive but brilliant at the same time. It's a 4x4, a van or an elevated limo and has air-sus for more clearance when the ground requires it. It's difficult to think of any major flaw with it. Getting back on track, here is some evidence of past crimes against the Soarer. No doubt posted previously on here in the dark and distant past. Note the wheel choice Phil 👍
  10. Thanks Phil, Hillsons Ltd - Roundstone Van Centre - I was close.🙃🤣 They used to be Swift Imports and had a few Soarers at their old premises. Until I found John I went far and wide for Soarer parts and did most of the work myself. There's a lot to be said for keeping things stock but I had bigger TT brakes on the V8 and leather seats from a V8 Limited in the TT. Not as easy to swap the seats as you might think but well worth doing.
  11. Good work. ! So they do appear to be sealed units. I'm sure the electrical engineer has done this but have you located the plug connector in the boot and do you have access to a multimeter to test for power and earth to confirm their findings? I just wonder why both lamps have failed. On the US site it seemed that with some effort, it might be possible to fit new lamps without removing the bumper.
  12. Rich Walker Lexusman in Gloucester, you already know and Hillsons, (Worthing Van Centre) in Littlehampton, I've used for more than 20 years. The older I get, the cleaner my hands stay. 🤣 John in Littlehampton has greater facility with full garage workshops and a small team. Rich still has spares, can do most jobs and trace/fix faults with a wealth of experience. He would use others nearby for work best done on ramps, etc. There may still be others and people closer to you who can do routine stuff if you already know what the problem is. What are your aims and how would you intend to use the Soarer?
  13. Odd if both LEDs have failed. The connector is behind the trim inside the boot Can you gently pry one of the lamps from out of the bumper and take a picture of the sealed unit? There's not much wire to allow it to move until it is disconnected within the car. I remember swapping the assembly into my custom rear bumper and cutting the holes left and right for them but I don't have any pics of the lights themselves close up. I'm not sure that it does need to be removed but the bumper has fixings behind the wheel arches, at the back, on the corners within the boot and on the sides in the form of a plastic strip. It's not too difficult but takes time and best done with help to avoid scratching the paintwork. Actually if I get time tomorrow I will remove the spare wheel and take a look myself.
  14. Always happy to help and advise. The good thing is the amount of searchable info available. If you hit a major problem there are still some people on hand with the knowledge and skill but you may need to take the car to Worthing or Gloucester for any major surgery.