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  1. Interesting, I was going to try to use the clock spring and an IS wheel. My search for the wiring keeps pulling up diagrams that are for everything else.
  2. Toby I can't find a wiring diagram but these may help get you on the right trail. .
  3. Looking good there Toby. Have you checked my old build thread? I did some research on this but 'bottled out' of converting to an IS paddle shift set up. Skipper do a full conversion kit, they might have a diagram but let me check the records and get back to you.
  4. Yes, I think if you can get a genuine Lexus transponder it should work.
  5. I haven't needed to re-programme an SC key but I have managed to do it with a GS and an RX key so it should be possible with a key blank and a genuine Lexus transponder. I obtained mine from a well known online auction site for around £30 You have to get the sequence for each part of the programming spot on or it won't work. These links may help.
  6. Hi Toby, yes it's plug and play. My car is a 2006 just like yours. If you get the MVA-13LE on a later model, it's plug and play but if you want the audio door to close neatly, with some head units, there's a little bit of crafting to do. I did mine a few years ago by adapting an imported US MVA-13L before they made the 'E' version and there was some minor wiring work to do but it works just fine. My audio set up is modified so much I could dispense with the Beat-Sonic interface now. If you look in the long build thread on LW there's a fair bit of detail.
  7. This may help. Also search for the roof diagnostic codes and there is a list with description. I can't seem to get the link to work but it's also from clublexus.
  8. I'm not sure but I suspect it's the main boot lock switch/solenoid assembly and that might correspond with the boot not opening on the dash switch. Check connections around the boot lock and on the back of the switch itself. If it operates from the key fob, that does suggest the boot lock/unlock function itself is okay but if the dash switch part of the circuit is not working perhaps that reports a fault to the roof ECU.
  9. Not at all..... Right first time, the ML name is owned by Harmon Industries. The oem system in the SC is still pretty good though...better than the newer ones that I've listened to.
  10. I think 'Luggage open main switch NG' = no good. That may be the issue.
  11. If the boot doesn't open on the switch I wonder if the roof won't work because the boot isn't registered as 'shut?'
  12. Yes it's possible but it is quite expensive to do. To retain the ML amp and most of the built in features, a Beat-Sonic adapter MVA-13LE is required. Alternatively the amp could be replaced with something better to connect to the after-market head unit but then you have to consider that the speakers are also matched to work with the Harmon (ML) amp.
  13. You could try on the European forum, they are usually very helpful. I had to use Google translate quite a bit.