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  1. Neil E

    Replacing SatNav

    Nice work, that looks really good. Where did you mount the camera?
  2. We know the owner and he has improved the condition of it but I think that's very, very optimistic. You could always buy the other one......
  3. Neil E

    SC430 project

    I often stay in a house on the opposite side of the Loch from Ullapool, I know what you mean about the road hazards, even some of the long straights on A832 can suddenly have several sets of antlers failing the use the green cross code. The LS looks pure class. Silver with black leather is the best colour combination too but I don't think the awesome 2UR is quite as quiet as the 3UZ in an LS. We need some pictures of the black beast on the A939, another road I know very well.........when it's black and when it's white.
  4. Neil E

    SC430 project

    My 2004 3UZ LS430 was certainly quiet, you can easily hear the cars in front above any noise the LS makes at sensible braking distances. It was quieter than all 3 LS460 models I drove and both of my old GS430s but going back a few years the 1UZ LS400 was whisper quiet too and now I think about it, the 1UZ Soarer engine was near silent and super smooth.....until I let it 'breathe.'
  5. Neil E

    SC430 project

    @royoftherovers John, Poetic.....I think you just put yourself forward to write the new Lexus strap-line. @mr2lad Graham, you're far too smug and you're in the best place on the island to enjoy them. I wonder if there's another black SC further North? Have you taken it out West on the A835 yet? The LS400 was ever so quiet so my question is do the electric motors in the LS600 whirr louder than the purr of the LS400? Has anyone measured the sound level in the both? My money is on the LS400 being quieter but was the LS430 quieter still?
  6. Neil E

    GS300 Sound system

    I had a GS430 a few years ago but unusually for me, I left the audio alone so I've limited experience with it. I did read elsewhere that it is possible to use voice command to turn the head unit off accidentally. Club lexus may be able to help otherwise disconnect the negative battery lead for a minute or so to reset everything. If it really is temperature related it might me worth consulting an audio electronics engineer....if you can find one. Does it still load and eject CDs?
  7. Neil E

    SC430 project

    Hi Phil, that is a rare sight. One of our number sold a stunning metallic red one this weekend and replaced it with a silver ISF.
  8. Neil E

    SC430 project

    Just a small ICE update. I finally found time to make another cover for the subs I don't think I will ever be an upholsterer but it makes it look a bit neater on the rare occasions that the front seats are moved forward.🙂
  9. Neil E

    GS300 Sound system

    I would check the radio fuses and the connections to the back of the head unit first.
  10. Neil E

    GS300 Sound system

    Is it the head unit switching off or the amplifier?
  11. Neil E

    ABS Wheel Sensor zero MPH

    Worth a second look as it's a known issue. At least you know what it is now.👍
  12. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    5mm is a small margin for clearance but it seems odd that the engine position appears to have shifted. Yes I agree with that, nearly all fibre-glass body-kits whether cheap or expensive, need some work. I quite like to modify them just a little too so that it has your own 'stamp' on it.
  13. Neil E

    ABS Wheel Sensor zero MPH

    Sounds familiar, this may help you.
  14. Neil E

    Replacing SatNav

    This is the wiring diagram that should help. I found a few subtle differences with the UK spec. car but it's almost the same. file:///C:/Users/Neil E/Downloads/2003 SC430 audio diagram page 2 (1).pdf The Garmin looks pretty cool and easy to use. I've replaced my head unit with an Alpine so Apple devices can already be plugged in, DVD, rear cam etc, etc. I've been thinking of swapping it for an Alpine sat nav enabled HU but I can use an IPad if I need to so do I really need to upgrade? Probably not.
  15. Neil E

    Replacing SatNav

    Nice project, going this route, I might be tempted to install a separate speaker for it. Are you proposing to replace the navigation screen itself as in this thread? It is possible to send a video signal to the existing screen. I can't find the diagram for the radio and Nav wiring but these resources may help or put you on the right track.