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  1. What they are saying is true (though less so with the reliable SC430) but if the audio works perfectly without the Grom connected then there is no internal pcb fault or connection issue. The head unit and amp are working as they should. Perhaps it's time to take it to a car audio shop. I'm sure any competent audio specialist will be able to work out quite quickly if there is a fault. (ASC Audio or Absolute Audio in Wiltshire look okay)
  2. Yes it does affect the ride but it can be improved with adjustable coil-overs or air suspension if your pockets are deep. I wouldn't go to 20" rims. 19 x 8.5 front and 19 x 9.5 rear is a popular solution. Tyres, 245 35 19 front, 275 30 19 rear.
  3. The last time I checked, it was about £650 for the Clifford alarm method. There was also a Lux Link product but they are no longer made and very rare to find.
  4. Did you explain to Grom that the stereo works fine without the Grom attached?
  5. Never mind cleaning it. Go and get it dirty before the sun comes out as then you will want to use the SC. 😀
  6. Hi Ben, welcome. The US owners have addressed the drivers 'A' pillar wind noise issue a few times. It can be the angle of the glass causing it to not seal properly or a split in the seal or the seal not seated correctly. There are a few threads that cover it on clublexus. Search with 'Lexus SC430 wind noise' and you should find the threads. I've had an occasional door mirror wind noise issue at high (ish) speed if it's very slightly out of position but nothing that a little extra audio volume couldn't fix. From the passenger door try lowering the window to half way and then put it back up and hold the switch in the up position for about 5 secs. If that works, do the same to the drivers window and that should be it reset. If it doesn't reset it, you may need to take the door panels off to investigate further with a multimeter. If you need to do that we can help with instructions and pictures.
  7. Neil E


    Thanks Paul M, windows yes, I reset them frequently. I haven't ever known it affect the folding roof on the SC.
  8. Neil E


    The key fob failure is usually just a key battery swap to fix it. For the windows, does the passenger window operate from the passenger door switch? The window / mechanism could be stuck or may need resetting. Does the roof switch indicate red when pressed? Check the boot cover is making good contact with the sensor. If that's okay check fuses and if all appears well then it's probably time to connect a code reader to see if there are any error codes that point the way.
  9. Well that suggests the amp and the connection to it are okay. To test the amp I would disconnect the Grom, put the connections back to standard and test the system.
  10. Do the balance and fader controls work?
  11. I would recommend using genuine Lexus parts for this job. Apologies if this sounds a bit harsh and not very helpful but if he needs your help, perhaps it's time to consider another mechanic. I use a local South Coast Sussex expert but I believe Lexus do fixed priced cambelt services. It may be worth investigating.
  12. No it won't cushion the ride. If one or more of the struts is high, the ride will be very bumpy. It's like having very stiff suspension on a high setting.
  13. Yes, understood, probably not many RCs there either. When I took mine to South Uist, two guys in the ferry queue suggested it was likely the SC was the only one to have ventured that way.
  14. I do like the RC but it would have to be an F. It might be worth testing a later SC to see the difference too.
  15. I see, yes that might account for why so much is listed. So what's your plan? Will you try to find a similar car or add a little to the pot for a later SC430. The upgrades certainly lift the car to a new level of enjoyment.