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  1. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Great work Rob, it's getting there....Perhaps you could go side by side with one of the F Club guys.
  2. Neil E

    GS430 aka Silver Tractor

    Not really my thing either, styling and gadgetry.... Are you looking to increase the power too?
  3. Like the car, love the colour and love the plate. Here's a little informative graphic too.😀
  4. Neil E

    GS430 aka Silver Tractor

    I don't mind the front styling at least it's different and distinctive. The next gen was more conventional and blended in too easily and the latest style is more radical again. I haven't completely warmed to it but there's no doubting the GSF is a quick and versatile piece of kit.
  5. Neil E

    GS430 aka Silver Tractor

    They are great cars, I had one of these and the later GS430 because I couldn't find the right Aristo. With apologies to Ben, I had a complete spare set of GS430 cooled seats stored in the garage. No one wanted them for free so I threw them away about a year ago.😞 The later GS430 is a bargain for what you get as standard. Apart from routine servicing most just need the rear suspension replaced after about 100k miles and off you go again for another 100k miles.😀
  6. Neil E

    GS430 aka Silver Tractor

    Well you certainly seem to be trying to address all of the issues at a gallop. I had one of these a few years ago. Despite the cooling of the later GS430 seats I found the earlier version slightly better quality and more comfortable. Well done on the progress and keep the updates coming.
  7. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Can't wait to see the look on the MOT tester's face.......
  8. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    That's huge 😲 It's wonky drainpipe. It may be too loud for some of the tracks too.
  9. If one corner is higher, it's usually the height controller in that corner that needs replacing.
  10. Neil E

    Replacing SatNav

    Ah okay that's where I have mine. I was going to mount it in the spoiler for a better view but decided it was too much hard work. I didn't think of going wireless.
  11. Neil E

    new 2002 SC430 owner... several questions

    Yes that's a good point, it ought to be but I wouldn't let that rule out the common faults. The code needs to be read. It could be the Yaw sensor and lots of other things but usually they appear with the CEL.
  12. Neil E

    Replacing SatNav

    Nice work, that looks really good. Where did you mount the camera?
  13. We know the owner and he has improved the condition of it but I think that's very, very optimistic. You could always buy the other one......
  14. Neil E

    SC430 project

    I often stay in a house on the opposite side of the Loch from Ullapool, I know what you mean about the road hazards, even some of the long straights on A832 can suddenly have several sets of antlers failing the use the green cross code. The LS looks pure class. Silver with black leather is the best colour combination too but I don't think the awesome 2UR is quite as quiet as the 3UZ in an LS. We need some pictures of the black beast on the A939, another road I know very well.........when it's black and when it's white.