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  1. Hi, Congrats on acquiring the new wheels, it looks a really good one. It can be the door seals but a little wind noise from the mirror is common if not 'normal' depending on how quiet the rest of the car is. Sometimes excessive wind noise can be caused by an ill fitting door seal at the top of the 'A' pillar. The other thing to check is that the door mirror is properly seated and secure. If you are able to, on a nice quiet straight road, try with your hand or a small piece of cloth to cover up areas around the tweeter cover and up along the window line to see if you can identify where the wind noise enters the cabin. There are a few short threads on clublexus that discuss the annoying driver side wind noise. Worth a read.
  2. Flashes red if there is a problem, for example if the boot isn't shut or the boot luggage cover isn't quite in place, etc but I don't think there is another colour for when it is operating correctly, it just works.
  3. Hi Ian, that's good advice from John though Lexus main dealers rarely stock them or sell them at a good price as they stopped making them in 2009. The SC430 is an ultra reliable, very well engineered, solid piece of kit. It doesn't have to be supplied by a Lexus main dealer to be a good one but a good service history is important. Most of what we are talking about here in this thread is on an early, high-ish mileage and slightly modified car. I suspect it's been left unused for a little while and in Big Pete's hands is being restored to order with a few upgrades. Buy one that has a good service history (Lexus dealer, good Indy or knowledgeable enthusiast) that has clearly been looked after and you should be fine. Mine has been thoroughly abused though properly serviced and with 140k+ miles on the clock doesn't miss a beat. Kept in the same manner, I would expect it to do twice that and more. It's been on the dyno twice and in the first run at more than 100K miles it had lost none of its original power. At 140K in 'abused form' it has a bit more such is the confidence I have in it. Service items will always need to be done but as long as they are then there should be nothing to concern you. I would recommend the 6 speed newer version but the early version is still a good car. The 3UZ-FE is one of the very best engines you can find. Cam-belt kit and water pump replacement at 10 years or 100K is important. Some of us have replaced suspension to improve ride quality and changed to aftermarket alloys, etc but none of that is necessary. My advice is find a nice one and give it a test drive or find a helpful local club member.... I was in Exeter the other day, you could have had a go in mine.
  4. Looks a very nice SC but anything above 30 mpg confirms to me that you aren't driving it correctly. 😉
  5. Hi Stephen don't believe everything you read on the internet. I'll send you a P.M.
  6. Look at the Beat-Sonic RX-82 interface / installation kit. It's not cheap but it's probably the quickest way to add a double din unit to the RX.
  7. Try Richard Walker the Lexusman. He's not too far from you and may be able to help.
  8. Hi Leigh, I'm not sure it will help but can you post some pics of the components and how it is installed? If you can't trace the fault yourself then you just need to find someone who is prepared to test it and find the fault. If everything does work exactly as it should without the Grom connected then that points to the Grom or the harness being the issue. There must be someone near you who would take a look at it.
  9. Hi Rob, good to hear from you again.
  10. Odd that neither Grom or anyone else can test the Grom unit itself. If no one is prepared to take it on and Grom aren't being very helpful, the only way to test it and the harness is to fit the Grom unit to another SC430 head unit to see if it works or not. Does the audio (radio and CD) work perfectly without the Grom? Previously you said the sound was muted, as in not amplified, is this resolved? Which model Grom unit and harness do you have, is it the USB3 connected to the CD port as per the diagram below?
  11. Neil E

    OBD port

    Yes, spot on, to the right of the steering column.
  12. Neil E

    Seat belt

    It's not so difficult but does take a while to work out where all of the fixings are. Skip to 15 minutes in and there are some pictures that will help you or jump to the end and it's obvious where the big thread is with more detail. There's also a mini version of it in the LOC project section here. Good luck.
  13. Can you post a picture of the grey patches on the rubber? Are the seals perished, split or leaking at all?
  14. I haven't tried one but there are a few on the big auction site..
  15. Yes, however the Zoe may not satisfy that missing 'sporty driving' element that the RX doesn't provide.