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  1. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    You do the pictures and we’ll find a voice for the ‘lexerotica’ channel.
  2. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Nice update Rob. No matter what the obstacle you just overcome it. This build should have its own video channel. Will you run the car before adding the body kit or complete the whole thing before the launch?
  3. Neil E

    sc430 bumper reflectors

    Yes there’s nothing to them. I got rid of my corner marker reflectors altogether. They aren’t required for the MOT.
  4. Neil E

    Locking wheel nut

    If the wheel refurbishes lost the locking nut then they should be arranging to replace it.
  5. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    Yes that works 99% of the time. 🤣 For 100% authentication you need Bob.
  6. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    Lol......what he said.
  7. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    I'm not sure how that one has an 06 number plate as it appears to be the earlier 5 speed model. I think the early spec stopped at 05, I haven't seen a 55 plate 5 speed so if that is the original registration then maybe it really is rare. Compare it to a 6 speed 06 model and you will see some of the subtle upgrades. The lights are different, wheels and tech, etc but under the skin there are other some suspension upgrades that are worth having and the 6 speed box makes quite a difference.
  8. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    That's easy,........ blue.🙂
  9. Neil E

    Black beast

    Love it. It may be madness but I'm looking forward to seeing the results.👍
  10. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    Yes, I really should find time to test one. I had a couple of GS430s, the 6 speed was quite impressive in most respects but in my view wasn't quite as comfortable or as well built as the earlier model. The SC is finished to a higher standard but lacks some of the tech it should have been given. I doubt I would notice any difference in performance to my car but it's far more practical and economical. It would be interesting to experience the power delivery from a high power hybrid, I've only tried a CT for a day and that was okay.
  11. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    That surprises me. I've been considering a later GS450 as a daily driver. Is it really quieter than the SC? (by that I mean a standard SC😏)
  12. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    If the condition and service history is okay, that seems a good price for a face-lift model. Yes it should be in the lower tax bracket. I don't know the car from the number plate but nothing in the MOT history would worry me.
  13. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    I was thinking more about the after-market custom exhaust V8 music that many owners opt for, it makes such a difference. If they introduce stereo tax, I may have to move to Jersey or the Isle of Man. Excluding the back seats, once you're in it, the SC is very comfortable. As for the RX I can't recommend it enough. Compared to the SC it's not terribly exciting but it does everything so well.
  14. Neil E

    In the market for a SC

    It's the 'bad boy' SC image. Too many ex Soarer owners.😉 I agree with what has been said already, the face-lift model is the one to go for. Most are very quiet but it is possible to cure that.
  15. Unless there's an LFA handy, there's no substitute for the sound of the V8. Yes there is a frequency loss with age, I think it affects hearing too. I'm so old, I've stopped testing how much has disappeared from each end of the scale.