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  1. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Love it, more front end fabrication to follow.
  2. Neil E

    Black beast

    Yeah, it's a piece of cake, ask Halfords to fit it while you wait. 🤣 Beatsonic are the people to talk to unless it's going to be a whole system upgrade. The European harness version of the Beatsonic MVA13L interface module is what you need. It's a special order direct from Beatsonic or you can import and adapt the US market version as I did. I suspect at least one of the UK car hifi installers has access to Beatsonic as I've seen 2 other SC430s with double din installs now.
  3. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Graphic pictures of big inter-coolers should be okay on a Saturday night 👍.
  4. Neil E

    Black beast

    Great work Graham, the lights look much better without the tint. What's next on the list?
  5. Neil E

    Black beast

    Great work Graham, it's good to see an SC getting some radical treatment. The leather steering wheel with red stitching is a nice touch.
  6. You just can't (b)eat the original electric retracting telescopic aerials. They give the best reception and are far less tasty. More likely this fella's grey cousin, leave some peanuts out, make friends and maybe the aerial will be spared.
  7. Neil E

    Black beast

    Yeah, looking forward to seeing the interior. It should be quite dramatic. If I bought an ISF I would be looking to upgrade and enhance the interior. I know how much work is involved but seeing all of your pictures does bring it home.
  8. Neil E

    Black beast

    Looking good there Graham, lots of effort and attention to detail. 👍 Any thoughts to making it go quicker yet? Does it already have MeisterR coil-overs or is it still on the original shocks?
  9. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Nice work again Rob, dispensing with the body-kit plan must bring the launch day forward a little. Would you please confirm receipt of my IS300 2JZ GE NAT #No compromise 2019 calendar order?
  10. I've only spoken to them a couple of times and bought some minor stuff from them but I know their reputation. Yes, there's a distinct advantage to having a very quiet car to begin with, that's where Lexus generally scores well but once moving, even the LS introduces some extra unwanted noise to contend with. It wouldn't fully address the variable levels of car and road noise but does the RC feature preset listening settings so that you could have one mode for 'parked up' and another for general driving? A little nod to the ML SC430 system, it does compensate automatically for when for roof is down.
  11. Sound advice Peter, that's the way to go. Unless the model is an LS400, don't be taken in by the Lexus marketing department, the number of speakers listed or the fact that Lexus partner with a company that make very expensive home audio equipment. Find a car with hifi that sounds better to your ears and ask the owner how it was achieved. @B1 RMA In my view, if you were to start with expensive Focal speakers (or any others that sound right to your ears) you would be heading in the right direction but sadly with Lexus, it's not usually a simple case of straight replacement. Improving Lexus audio is a big can of worms that until quite recently, even some of the best in-car audio installers would shy away from. Power hungry 4 ohm Focals need a suitable amplifier to drive them. Modern amps and line output converters make it a bit easier now. In Hampshire, these guys would be worth consulting
  12. Neil E

    Cat replacement

    You don't have to pay those prices. I think my last Denso exhaust sensor was about £90. Which headlight 'sensor' and suspension component needs to be replaced? There are some very good independent garages that can help.
  13. Neil E

    Cat replacement

    The most common cause of the engine light is an O2 sensor failure. If you can get the code read it should confirm where the issue is.
  14. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    You do the pictures and we’ll find a voice for the ‘lexerotica’ channel.
  15. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Nice update Rob. No matter what the obstacle you just overcome it. This build should have its own video channel. Will you run the car before adding the body kit or complete the whole thing before the launch?