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japan tv tuner on european car

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Have someone of you an idea if jap tv tuner can be wired on a european car? I mean I did it on my 2002 is200. But I had no luck. European remote controller has a off button where the jap has the tv button. Switching off the screen I could notice it doesn't turn off literally, but just switches to a black screen, so I guessed it just switches on the line where tv signal is addressed by the tv tuner. I have wired it to the screen where the jap version is wired, but nothing. I admit I didn't passed viao the fuses box where there's a blank space for a fuse with written TV. Then I ordered a jap radio from a tv tunered car, but nothing, I then ordered a japan nav unit, with no different result. So the question is: Has jap system a different nav screen where something receive the controller signal to switch on the tv tuner? Or is it into the nav box or the ampli or the head unit? Did someone of you made some search about it?


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About 15 years ago I had a Mitsubishi Pajero imported from Japan.  It had all the tv bits and bobs with it.  Trouble is that the TV signals in Japan are broadcast in a different frequency band than in the UK so the tuner wasn't equipped to tune UK channels.  I'm going from memory, but I think that's correct.

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