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My Precious,

No, it is not the ring and not the car.

It is our little one.

No longer fitting in the chair made for all from 1 to 10 years.


The Cybex Pallas Gold M-fix has been comfortable for 5 years. Legs get longer and the seat will not be deep enough to support comfortably. Sure, side protection is greater in a seat like this, but when it gets uncomfortable and the little one is complaining you do what you have to do. Drive carefully.

Used the soft pillow-part on stomach till she was almost 5:


Time to change seat and that send us searching for the best replacement for the chair; we ended up with this:




When it comes to security the best is good enough until something better is found. When the booster seat arrived, it was of a so much better build quality and finish than the rather expensive Cybex that we were very much surprised and happy with it. If the other seats from the company are equally well made there is only one thing against them taking a major part of the market for children’s seats in cars: Price. Have been round in supermarkets and wherever it was thought possible to find a fine booster seat and have never seen any with a quality comparable.

In order to not looking out of place in the car we had it in black. Blends well in with the black interior.


If Hyundai is going the same way with the quality of the cars they make, Hyundai is going to successfully compete with more expensive brands, but with this quality it may be difficult to keep the price down to where it is now.

We see several Ioniq as taxa here on the island so they must be pretty good.


And no:

Never worked for Hyundai, so the reason for buying this is solely because we did not find anything that looked as good as this does; and we want to take care of our precious as much as we can. Our relationship with Hyundai is that we rent one of their cars when travelling needing a car to get around, and usually end up with an i10 as this little car can be parked everywhere and make us appreciate the comfort of the Lexus, we have home.

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