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  1. Lexus/Toyota is now behind Hyundai when it come to new taxa cars. Prius was number one taxi to find here and still a lot of them, but looking at the registration plates most of the new are from Hyundai. When a car is good for the taxi drivers it is not bad. Lexus was too expensive, but Toyota with most Prius, Auris and some Corolla are now losing to Hyundai Ioniq, most hybrid but several electric too. How a pure battery driven car can be good as a taxa is not for me to understand; to make money they are supposed to drive several more kilometres as day than capacity of a battery has.
  2. Samsung (Note4 + S8 + A71) connect with Bluetooth without problems. Connect with line-in from all 3. Never used USB so far as mostly just listen to music from the phones. Also function perfect for communication (Bluetooth). In our car the power out from the USB socket is too weak to fast-charge the phone.
  3. The extras are more than several thousands. All depend on your needs, wishes and maybe first of all: budget.
  4. Hybrid batteries should last between a long time and a very long time depending on how they have been treated. The 2017 model we have (registered end of 2016 (model years are usually starting after summer holiday from most car factories)) supposedly has a perfect hybrid battery according to Lexus here. 8 bars shown on battery when parked in garage Friday afternoon will still be 7 - 8 bars Monday morning. Premier (Luxury in some countries) has so many comfort things compared to lower models range that we are very pleased with all the extras and I am most pleased with the audio from Mark Levinson. What I would buy may be different to what you are looking for in a car. The CT is an excellent little car with good room for 4.
  5. She is not cheap. Writes incredible texts for her music. This is a car for a rich person - no matter if some say she looks cheap.
  6. Let me quote Dolly Parton: “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap” If you want big wheels:
  7. In 2005 Toyota had Japanese direction here on the island. I had a MR2 Spyder then and service was just great. Old replaced parts were placed in the car. Next to Toyota there was a big imposing Lexus workshop, and I suppose same management. Now a Spanish company has the service of both Toyota and Lexus in the same place where before only was Toyota. Service is lacking. Never finished at the time promised like it was in 2005. Replaced parts (windshield wipers and cabine filter) were thrown out and not possible to know if they were actually replaced with new or just washed. Lexus was once and should still be a fantastic car with a perfect service department, but I do not believe it is going the right way.
  8. Suppose it is a typing error. 7 4 are so close to each other on a standard keyboard that registration date probably should have been in 2017 or model year should have been 2014
  9. If running lights are on top or not is not important. Important for light is how they light up the road when driving at night. LED lamps are far better than halogen and HID. Does the new lamps have LED on both high and low beam? Have read somewhere that the CT lamps are all same size but do not know if that is so. If correct anybody that want the running light up can buy the latest model.
  10. A question to a question: How can a car supposedly built after summer holiday in 2016 be registered in 2014? I really enjoy listening to music playing in the Mark Levinson audio and all the other extras in the luxury/premium or whatever they call it around the world. Hope you find the answer somewhere else.
  11. Some could profit from a mid-life update. But getting fit is a lot harder than keeping fit. This is what helped me when I retired from a job that mostly meant sitting on a chair in front of a computer with a phone in my hand. The mountains here are beautiful.
  12. If you put cold air from air-condition in it, it could give you a bit more power as cold air has less volume than hot air Would increase fuel consumption too.
  13. What is that? Mountains here are maybe different to many other places. Most Tour de France teams come here to get mountain kilometres in the legs for some reason. The MPG is not because the temperature is low here. We have about 20° C in the night.
  14. Reset and fill the car with V-Power from Shell and going a tour in the mountains. They are beautiful now that summer is here again. Coming down to town and seeing that consume is 8.1L / 100km. Car is great and Lexus tell me all is in perfect working order, so hybrid is not for driving in mountains. Golf 2.0tdi DSG was consuming 6.5 on a similar tour.
  15. Hi, and welcome to the forum. It seems that everybody were so interested in solving the paint question that nobody took the time to say welcome. You are in the right forum for getting answers to all kind of problems, no matter the size of these, so congratulation choosing a well built car.
  16. Lexus hardware is great. Lexus software - not at all. Maybe manuals and explanations have been translated from Japanese to Chinese and Korean before translated on to English so nobody understand anything.
  17. When temperature is very high it cools down really fast. Here heating is not the problem.
  18. Air condition is keeping the car dry even in wet winter months and though it is costing a bit in fuel it is worth it. Here in summer we have temp setting on 25° C in order not to have too big a difference to going out from a cold car to our rather high daily temperature. Too big difference between in- and out-temperature can get some people to get sick.
  19. It is a moon-roof because there is no UV protection in the glass. Have installed Llumar 99% protection for when we are driving in the day.
  20. Catlock is a great thing for Lexus to get work and to let us pay for something that will delay a pro 5 - 10 seconds.
  21. The chemical process electrolysis can "store energy". And this can be used to make even better use of wind power, for example. If we do not use the power produced in the water- and wind turbines – such as at night, when the power demand is smaller – it is practically lost. "It's great that more wind farms are being built, but when we don't have a way to store the power, we have to build extremely many before we start covering our energy needs during the daytime. The transition to sustainable forms of energy will be much faster. In addition to storing wind energy, electrolysis cells also form hydrogen, which can be used as fuel for trucks and trains, among other things (cars). Though hydrogen fuel cells for many seems the only possibility to use hydrogen in cars this is not really the best. Most combustion engines can be converted to using liquid natural gas and the companies doing this can convert these engines to burning hydrogen instead of LPG. Nothing can be compared to the sound of a well-constructed and -maintained combustion engine, not necessarily loud, just good. Electric cars – not at all. Material for batteries are not sufficient to be power plants for the cars we have today and in winter batteries deliver less power and they lose capacity after some years, a well-constructed combustion engine can last as long as it is maintained. Want to see an electrolysis cell:
  22. Drive through wash, vacuumed and wiped off water droplets. 5½ year old car looks like new.
  23. northernstar said it a bit loud, but I too find that wind deflectors do not make the car look any better. What good are they anyway? AC is consuming a bit power, but driving with open windows also increase fuel consumption.
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