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Hi everyone 

Could someone please let me know where I might expect legitimate water drips from underneath my car. I know that the AC unit and catalytic convertor can leak water as part of their normal operation. I have a 3g RX. I ask this because I am seeing dripping over a period of hours. The area is beneath the engine. I actually saw a drip coming from somewhere higher up in the engine bay. I would have thought the water would drain from a pipe. It appears to collecting above some kind of cover and is just finding its own way out. I can send a picture for clarity. 

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If it's continuously dripping over a long period of time with the engine off then that definitely sounds like a leak. If it looks like water it'll either be coolant or screenwash, check levels for both and then leave it for a few hours and come back and check the level again. If one of them is down that'll tell you which one is leaking.

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