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A looming and potentially controversial topic but one of particular interest to those, like me, with 'non-compliant' engines as E10 petrol becomes phased in this Summer.

Both official and independent comment earnestly suggests that use of E10 fuel will damage non-compliant engines and yet there will no doubt be those who remain sceptical.  However, given the reports of potential and significant damage it's not a risk that I'm preparing to take so I shall not be using E10 petrol which means that I shall be paying more for E5 fuel.

My initial thinking is that although there will be many prospective buyers who will not be bothered about the need to use more expensive fuel there will be others who will shy away so overall it might be realistic to expect the demand for non-compliant vehicles to reduce which will presumably mean that the sell-on value will reduce also.

And despite 'caveat emptor', I wonder if future used car advertisements start to show 'E10 compliant' alongside the now common 'ULEZ compliant'?

Discuss ...


PS ... If in doubt, here's the link to check your vehicle compliancy :-

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I think that once this becomes more widely known there probably will be an effect on the value of non-compliant cars. But I'm OK with that because I don't do huge miles anyway and already use V Power or whatever the equivalent is. However, I think that the premium stuff will probably rise in price too as it becomes more niche and I wouldn't be surprised if changes are made to the ethanol content at some point.

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