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  1. Here's a reminder for the benefit of those who have not read the whole thread ... or maybe just forgotten that they've not read the whole thread ... or even forgotten that they have read the whole thread! 馃槅. After all, April was a long time ago 馃槃.
  2. More like fat finger syndrome if you ask me James, a bit harsh to blame the phone! 馃槅
  3. When I first bought the Lexus 6 months ago I settled for the de-grease, snow foam and 3-bucket process (circa 3.5hrs @ 拢55) but fell short of the full clay bar, sealant and wax treatment (extra 1.5hrs + 拢95) which I'm still considering. His periodic visits (circa 1.5hrs @ 拢30) are what he calls a 'maintenance valet', inside and out, snow foam and 2-bucket, to keep it fresh and shiny. 馃憣 His van comes complete with onboard water and power so he can detail/valet anywhere but as a courtesy I do let him plug in to my electricity. The car can look a bit grubby between his visits for washing by
  4. Yes, thanks for that Steve, I'm familiar with the process. My question was more directed at your costs and time spent. But if you'd rather not make that public then I shall of course fully understand. 馃檪
  5. Very impressive result Steve. 馃憣 As a matter of interest, aside from the labour charge (?!) obviously, what do you reckon the materials cost for that level of detailing and how long did it take you? Apportion if you didn't use the lot as presumably any remaining Zaino stuff can be kept for future use if shelf life permits. Just interested for I choose not to clean mine as I have my detailer visit about every 3 months so a cost comparison would be helpful - not that I'd ever consider doing it myself at my time of life. 馃槈
  6. Here you go Malc ... extracted from ... Exceptions for motor traders You do not need to make a SORN on a vehicle if you鈥檙e a motor trader or vehicle tester and all the following apply: 路 it鈥檚 only temporarily in your possession (until you sell it) 路 it鈥檚 being kept at your business premises 路 the registered keeper has notified DVLA that the vehicle has been sold or transferred to you You count as a motor trader if you鈥檙e a: 路 motor dealer 路 motor auctioneer 路 vehicle dismantler 路 vehicle insurer
  7. Colin is of course quite right, the DVLA do not clamp for parking misdemeanours. 馃 But returning to the OP, I think he was genuinely surprised to see a DVLA wheel clamp. The way this thread has since snowballed into the whys and wherefores of zig-zag lines, pavements, private land, registration plates and how to define an abandoned vehicle is indeed a great credit to the heterogeneity of certain Forum dwellers. 馃榿 Given such inexhaustible scrutiny I'm amazed that it's not been picked up as to whether or not the Transit can legitimately claim to warrant an amber roof light under Rule
  8. What exactly have you not seen before Mike ... ? A Transit parked on the pavement? A DVLA wheel clamp? Or a DVLA wheel clamp on a transit parked on the pavement? Common as muck down South matey ...! Transits, pavement parking, untaxed vehicles ... we've got the lot! 馃槈
  9. Try using standard household ingredients ... baking soda followed by apple cider vinegar. They combine and create a chemical reaction ... see YouTube or Google for guidance. 馃槈
  10. Uh-oh! Yet another thread I see where our dear overbearing wealth-managing non-Lexus-driving overseas Forum dweller is making an issue that is well beyond the boundaries of not only sensible and/or reasonable logic but in this instance well outside the realms of due consideration to other road users. 馃槸 Linas, you have accepted on other threads that you are an impatient and intolerant road user whose driving speeds are often in excess of safety so your views on here are no surprise. It has even been suggested that your general intemperate temperament might be a contributory factor. 馃
  11. Ah yes Bob, but in all fairness he did say it was a bad line. 馃槈
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