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  1. Received my February renewal from Esure @ £387 so I compared online to find that the best quote turned out to be £311 ... with Esure! So I called Esure who were able to verify that I had received a lower quote from them using an online comparison site and would I like them to match it for my renewal? Clearly 'yes' ... so for exactly the same cover I have now agreed a renewal of £307. It seems to prove my theory, which I also experience every time my RAC cover falls due, that annual renewals are loaded (I think it's known as 'premium-walk' or some such term) such that the provide
  2. I bought my Lexus with what appear to be 'black polished' alloys, wheels that I now believe to be referred to as 'anthracite'. Research suggests that these are more expensive than standard 'chrome' alloys so I've upped my kerb awareness accordingly. But are they standard Lexus issue or are they more likely to be refurbished? Either way how can I tell? Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.
  3. I find it too - as a recent first time Lexus owner - and given that it occurs the further you turn the wheels I've been wondering whether it's anything to do with the tight turning circle which is far tighter than most other cars I've owned.
  4. To be fair Marlon the manual diesel X type was very good to me and I enjoyed every minute of the 6 years I owned it. The IS250 is quite a different animal but I'm increasingly enjoying the experience ... just 2 months in. Switching to a superbly quiet petrol 2.5 auto after so long on manual diesels (Peugeots for many years before the X type) is quite disconcerting and, for me at least, it's taking some getting used to. Perhaps as a result of my lack of the experience of 'relatively modern' automatics I find myself using the 'sport' mode click-shift a lot which is fun and very smooth
  5. It certainly is. My V5C states the engine number as 4GR followed by 7 numbers, but no mention of '-FSE', can anyone verify the significance of 'FSE' or know of it's relevance?
  6. £39 Poundy 😳 ... is it a 3-wheeler then? 😆 ... or special rates for Villains? 😉
  7. That said, the purchaser has just pulled out so the complete fitment is back on the market ... see 'Buy & Sell Parts & Accessories' Forum.
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