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Two years, 4,000 miles, £263 more expensive!


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Like a fine wine, my IS300h (rocket ship and the best car in its segment bar none), has appreciated in value during my ownership. I paid £28k for it in December 2019 and after putting about 4,000 miles on it, it's on sale at the dealership for £28,263. I hope nobody tries to buy it, because it's still on my driveway. 

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Mine hasn't appreciated but can't complain about the depreciation. Bought my 2014 IS 300h Executive used in 2016 when it was two years old with 40,000 miles on it. So now had the car for 5 years and the mileage is 108,000. Based on a WBAC quote I have just done it would be ~£7K in depreciation if I sold it to them now - if on a dealer forecourt I would have thought it would be advertised for only some £5K less than I paid for it. Cheap motoring for 5 years of ownership covering 68,000 miles.

Problem for me is that there is no more IS range in the UK and so really don't know what I would change it for, especially if I stay Lexus... I can see the attraction of the ES to many but doesn't really do it for me. Don't really want to go SUV, but the UX is a possibility - had a loaner and quite liked driving it but a bit small inside. New NX looks better but do I really want to go the bigger SUV route? 

The car currently drives as well as the day I bought it, just passed its MOT with no advisories, and so at the moment my thinking is to keep my IS 300h for a couple (or maybe more) years and see how the EV strategy starts to play out and how that might shape the cars to come.

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GADZOOKS! It is now up at £29,297 - £1,297 more than I paid for it - clearly as well as being rocket ship and the best car in its segment bar none, it is a better investment than any bank account at the moment!

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