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I've recently bought a Mk1 GS300. It has an android headunit installed. However, i'm looking to replace it with a single DIN radio.

I'm trying to figure out the wiring, as a previous owner has made a complete mess of the wiring. With the main two connectors cut (so no factory connectors nor radio), and just the CD Changer wires left. along with separate speaker wires ran to all the speakers in the car and electrical tape seeming holding it all together.

There is some functionality i'd like to restore. The antennae raising and lowering and The amp/subwoofer as that is currently not working at all.

I can't for the life of me find a wiring diagram for this car. Nor any other information. I've googled so much with no avail.

These are the following pins I'm confused about,

Ant A, Ant B, AMP, Ant, RRG, RLG, GNDP, Beep, FRG and FLG. 

Any help would be much appreciated.




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I found/paid for a wiring diagram. So the wire colours are all good for me now.

The antenna controls are a bit weird. looking at the diagram for the antenna, looks like there's a Antenna signal wire. antenna VCC (Power) and an antenna ground wire. wonder what kind of signal is needed to get the antenna to move.

In regards to the Sub, i'm thinking of bypassing the factory amp like everyone else does and sending the signal from an aftermarket headunit through a new amp and then to the Sub.

have no idea what the  RRG, RLG, GNDP, FRG and FLG. On the wiring diagram, they're labelled "SE1/2/3/4" and they're negative/positive pair wires.


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From memory, The antenna has two positions, depending on the frequency set on the factory head unit. You can use the signal wire to swap between the fully extended or shorter setting, and either connect the wire to 12v or not depending on your preference.

Not sure what you are saying on the last bit.  Maybe put the diagram up on the thread you are looking at, I couldn't see any denominations like those on my diagram. I believe the SE1 to SE4 are just the shields on the shielded cable between the head unit and amp.

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