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Petrol Is Cheap

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a bottle of perrier water 75cl £0.89 (tesco)

Teacher's Scotch Whisky 1 Litre £15.26

Red Square Vodka 1 Ltr £12.74

Stella Artois Bottle 1 Litre £3.02

Matey Bubble Bath 500ml £1.46

Tesco 100% Pure Orange Juice & Bits 1 Ltr £1.49

Sarsons Distilled Malt Vinegar 250ml £0.61

Crisp'n'dry Vegetable Oil 1 Litre £0.84

Walls Cream Of Cornish Ice Cream 1ltr £1.85

Eternity For Men Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml £22.00

Hartz 'help' Pet Stain Remover 500ml £4.99

Fairy Washing Up Liquid 1 Ltr £1.68

makes petrol look cheap !!!! :ohmy:

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Can't agree after my new Personal best of £51.00 for a tank of optimax. Must admit there was a moment of disgust when i saw it creep over the £50 barrier.

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