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  1. still here ! cant seem to find the way out
  2. always sad to hear of someone leaving us even more so when that person is someone you know and had a great deal of esteem for John was a lovely person, with a heart of gold he loved his cars and everything that surrounded them If he could help someone he would, and did many a time the last time I met John was at his house, he was under going chemo for the cancer, it was obvious it was getting him down, he had to give up driving and was so restricted in living an everyday life, and yet he chatted about cars and did his best to make us feel comfortable, no moaning just looking on bright side of everything my thoughts were with him then and to this day all the best mate sleep tight
  3. from previous experience i would say go to vampiretints they are expensive, but they are one of the best
  4. simple solution you brought the wrong wheels offset sounds wrong adjusting camber is the wrong way to go you will get excessive tyre wear and the handling will suffer and possibly be dangerous
  5. send sum to the s/e only had about 1-2" of slush !!!! lol about 6" in Surrey at the moment ! you are quite welcome to come and take as much as you want :)
  6. Should i wet sand the base coat with P800 or P1200? and do I need to apply anything or clean the base coat any special way before apply clear coat? And what should I wet sand the clear coat with? Thanks wet sand starting with 1200 and increase to 2400 ! to both coats 800 is far too harsh for a smooth finish wash off with mild solution of washing up liquid then thoroughly rinse with clean water, then dry spray in warm ambient temperature
  7. you need to wet and dry the base coat until its an even mat finish spray the laquer over in thin even coats wait a week and then lightly wet and dry to get an even mat finish again then apply a gentle rubbing compound and polish the art is in getting the base coat right !
  8. I bet Mark is looking forward to seeing you just which car are you taking, because reading your posts you have a different model everytime you post and how are you going to get your car over here from Asia ?
  9. carefully slide a credit card (or similar) underneath and gently prise up
  10. give steve a pm he will update it for you :)
  11. no only the font introduced by the DVLA in 2001 may be used legally pre 2001 registrations must use the same or a similar font
  12. US manifolds are unlikely to fit without modification due to UK cars having the steering on the right side
  13. yes its true Phil left TDI after working there for several years to set up his own tuning business Wayne who also worked at TDI joined him didnt last long though ! I see a lot of complaints about TDI, mostly by people who have never used their services or even bought anything from them they have been around a long time, and appear to be successful, so I guess they are doing something right
  14. I run BC coilovers, although not on a lexus they are very good, and different spring rates are available to tailor your use
  15. as long as the rears are in sound condition there would be no need to change them springs are what determine the height there may be a few members with spare springs hanging around after lowering their cars
  16. I believe the question was "why isnt Silverline a trader on here" and pointed out they have various modifications for the is200 and lexus to point out that all the modders are on another forum and its not worth his while, is a bit contradictory when that said forum where he is a trader doesnt appear to be worth his while either they dont offer parts they offer a service to carry out works on a bespoke basis they dont specialise in Lexus they fit the same criteria for every other tuner in the country although some do offer an array of parts for sale the market for modifications and tuning is very low for these cars they are now a cheap car, and people will not throw chunks of money at them
  17. so this silverline racing they have done 1no. IS200 parts, I dont see much on their website for sale, just a filter/induction kit best check ebay ;) even less on there i guess they must have sold all their stock to another forum, i guess that must be a goldmine to them ......or not ! there are many many tuners out there, but none that specialise in IS200's or even Lexus mainly because there is just no demand for it exactly what parts are not available ?
  18. hi Baz :) see you at the weekend
  19. what part of the exhaust are you after ?
  20. quick search revealed these :)
  21. Not sure I like the sound of this. If they shave 5mm off the back of my wheel then surely its going to leave it prone to massive corrosion as they will have cut away the paint/clear coat? Also I'm guessing that if they fudge it up, I'll get some serious vibrations at speed? corrosion will be the same, as the rear face should never be painted or coated (with the heat produced the coating will melt, and un-torque the wheel nuts ! ) if they fudge it up, you will have vibrations at any speed, and they will never be able to be balanced
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