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Fresh Air Filter And Lowering...

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Is it hard to change the fresh air filter? Anything special I should think about?

I think my IS 200 Sport-00 looks to have really big empty space from the tires... How much is it recommended to lower it? I got 17 inch original Lexus rims on...

Iam also thinking about painting my calipers (i have bought the black Lexus caliper stickers ) which colors would look good? (the color of the car is silver.)



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Air filter is fairly easy to change. Just a couple of clips.

I've lowered my one on a set of "Eibach's" (30-35mm?) and I'm about to fit 18inch wheels.

Calipers... Depends if you want them to stand out or not? If you don't I'd go for Silver, if you do I'd go for Red or blue.

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OT - Whitie & Jim, how much difference have you seen in ride quality with the Eibachs? Tempted to go down the coilover route after Mr Ellen showed me his toys but wondered how much difference you boys were seeing?


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She has said "its not as confortable as it was before" a few times and I'd have to agree. although it goes round corners a lot better than it did before (and will go round even better when I've got my sway bars on)

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