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Shogun Or Rx 300? Your Advice

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Hi, I have had 2 shoguns, top of the range and am Looking at the RX 300 SE-L which looks impressive.

Live down a bumpy lane on a farm, so it needs to cope with bales of shavings, bags of Corn for the chickens and a car full of young son's and friends Rugby Players ....

The Shogun has always been described as the "Real 4 x 4" and when I go to Rugby matches and other Merc 4 X 4 and BMW's get stuck, I laugh !!

How are they compared to Shoguns, and do they work in the mud !!

Your comments appreciated ASAP, as driving one on Monday and making a decision so any ex-shogun drivers who have been converted, very keen to hear from you.



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Oh Debs, sounds like you are one of those rare people who actually 'NEEDS' a 4x4. I had a Shogun six years ago when I first started skiing, it was so noisy and unrefined by other car standards but was tough and almost indestructable. It actually put me off 4x4's for a while. I am a partner in a Vetinary Practice, two of my colleagues have current model Shoguns and love them to bits and believe me they they get a pounding. My RX in contrast never gets its feet dirty, it just sits in the car park looking pretty. As other posts in this forum will testify the RX is a superb car in every respect but I just don't see it as a workhorse in the sense that it is happy 'mud-pluggin' on a farm. I am sure others here will strongly disagree with me.

If you feel ready for a bit more luxury, style and comfort then go for the RX, but a Shogun/Discovery with extra seats might be a more practical solution right now.

I'll probably get thrown off the site for suggesting this but its my opinion based on my experience to date. :whistling:

Drive the RX though and the Shogun will seem agricultural by comparison...

Happy hunting Debs


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I agree, the RX is more of a cruising 4x4 rather than a work-horse. I would say the Land Cruiser is best as they are quite upmarket in high-spec form but have the sort of finishes you don't mind getting a mark on and also have the power to up-root trees with should you ever need to.

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