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P900 Install Help Req'd

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Hi, I have just bought a 2004 Lexus Is200 and would like to install the Sony Ericsson P900 mobile. I have seen the various Knowledge databases ref taking the stereo out of the car and I am wondering what size bracket i will need to go between the slide of the OEM stereo to connect the holder to. I am also after any recommendations as to which kit to go for to incoprorate stereo mute etc. I dont want to add anymore speakers to use with the phone. I also already have the HCH-37 P900 Car Holder.

Please help.

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Hey Marconi,

depends what you want to do. In my last is200 and my new is200, I had the sony ericsson HCB-30, which is a Bluetooth car kit.

Firstly, the bloke I had install mine in the first one just did a simple inmstall. There was no radio mute and it used the speaker which came with the kit

Secondly, I didn't need to see the phone, hence the Bluetooth kit. Voice dialling worked great!

I'm just about to have my second one installed, and am hoping to find someone who can get the radio toi mute and to also wire this into the door speaker

Hope this has helped.


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