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Hi fellow GS owners!! I am now a proud owner of a 95 Aristo. Just bought this babe like 5 mins ago. She has 91k km on her, i am just really worried that a twin turbo engine with that many kilos may start to fail on me. Can anyone comment on this? what could go wrong... i took a ride in it, and it feels pretty good. What is the stock boost on the twins? i read .5 for one and .5 on the other to make 1 bar. does that sound about right? anything in particular that you think may go wrong in the near future? the cam belt's new so that's outta the way. front brakes are trd 4pots, so that shouldn't be a problem. shocks are not electric shocks, they are blistens, so no need to replace that.... didn't see any white smoke when reving up... anything i missed?

thanks everyone, and HELLO!

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Hi Welcome to the club, don't worry about the mileage, mine is about to clock 100K without any problems. I was lead to believe that the average boost for the TT is .7 each depending on the engine that is under the bonnett. Sure someone will be able to confirm this. You won't have any problems with the shocks as these are active shocks on some models, has a great advanage when driving hard round corners.

The very few things to keep an eye for is the GearBox oil level, ball joints and steering joints. Take it there no vibs on the steering at all, our than this the car is more or less bullit proof.

When you've finished having fun driving the beast, post up some piccs of the lady



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I haven't gotten the car yet. still gotta wait till monday to get the ownership transfered, i just dropped a deposit. will pick her up tomorrow tho. sorry for the misleading wording.... :P

i was wondering, what mods have everyone got on their aristos? BOVs' Exhausts' , things like that... ne one heard of the suspension system made by Belistein? is it ne good? thanks!!

o and has neone added HID kits to their MK1s? I'd also like to change the steering wheel to a momo one, has neone done that? :D

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I never knew that bilistein makes a kit for the aristo tho... i gotta find out more about it such as spring rates and damper stiffeness.

It's been a bad day today tho. I ran into a few problems with insurance... and therefore couldn't get the name transferred. Now I need to hunt around for a company that'll insur me. What a Biatch!!!

o well, guess i'll use the current time to learn more about this beast b4 i actually take her out for a ride. There's a few things i'd like to change when i get the car, wondering what you guys think of these items... again, any comments are appreicated!

i wanna change : steering wheel to a three spoke, thicker, more sporty one. like a momo, is this possible? will it disable the electric steering coloum?

- HID, i have a set of ballasts so i just need the bulbs. What size bulbs does the aristo take for the low beam? has neone fitted a high intensity lamp kit on their MK1? how are the results?

-wastegate, actually, i don't even know what it does. Can ne one educate me? all i know is that ppl put it on their turbo cars, but have no clue what for. My car already has a BOV and i know what that's for, but wastegate, i have no clue....

thanks guys and gals !!!

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