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I know it's perfectly normal with an Auto box for there to be a slight jump as you engage N from D or D from N. However when I test drove a RX300 SE demonstrator I was impressed that there was no jump and simply perfectly smooth engagement in either direction. I later noticed that Lexus even pay attention to this in their brochure. Having now collected our 2005 spec RX300SE on Saturday the usual auto jump between N and D and v -v is apparent.

Took it up with the dealer earlier this week and they say they've never had anyone comment on this before. Tried another vehicle they had and it was the same as mine. They're going to get the area engineer to come and look at my car in the new year. But wondered is anyone else had experience of this. Is yours smooth like the demonstrator and the brochure suggests it should be?



BTW Love the car, felt like we'd won the lottery when we collected it! Shame about this bloody weather though.

P.S. Not really a jump I know more of a slight j-e-r-k but site wouldn't let me spell it normally.

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