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Excel Formula Help Please


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need a formula to do the following.

Have the letters A to P.

Have 12 letters from the above 16.

Need the formula to check the 12 and return the missing letters.

i have lots of these to check, so would like a formula to do it in one hit..


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You'll have to add a macro.

Open Excel then :

Tools / Macro / Visual Basic Editor

Insert / Module

Click on the (new) Module1

Paste in the following :

Public Function MissingLetters(ByVal strSource As String) As String

    Dim intIdx As Integer

    Dim strResult As String




    strSource = UCase(strSource)

    For intIdx = 1 To Len(KEYSTR)

        If InStr(strSource, Mid(KEYSTR, intIdx, 1)) < 1 Then

            strResult = strResult & Mid(KEYSTR, intIdx, 1)

        End If

    Next intIdx


    MissingLetters = strResult


End Function

Save and close the VB editor

You should now have a new user defined function called 'MissingLetters()'

Use it like any other function.

Hope this does what you want.

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