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    Im Back

    did ya miss meeeeeeeee
  2. should have said barry,, the window just falls,, ie i can move it up with my hand and then it falls back,, looking at the mechanism it looks like the cable is not pulling and keeping it taught (shut)
  3. my rear drivers window has decided to stop working, anyone know of any known faults/fixes, also whilst im at it, does the drivers window only have auto on the down and not up, and double also is it right that the any window on an open door will not move until the door is closed. taaaaa
  4. Looking at getting dropping the GS, aswell as the sport spoiler and front grill and of course a set of rims.. wheres the best place for these nowdays.
  5. alas it is too late, i did a swop on the 24th for a 91 dark blue one. otherwise yes i would have..... i wouldnt be worried about driving a TT in the wet,, all you gota do is drive sensibly for the conditions...i have got a heavy foot, but when the rain comes i take it eaaaasy man..
  6. You can fit 5. Certainly has 3 seatbelts. 2 normal and 1 lap. Go on you know you want to... imagine the twin paralel turbos kicking in.......mmmmmmmmm
  7. Its a 4 seater. Insurance wise I'm not sure. Its an import so there will be a premium. I'm 35 , 4 yNCB and pay 700.. you looking at swopping the dylan
  8. hey man,, that was a loong while ago, went from supra to a hilux surf to a punto before getting the soarer
  9. ive put some pics up in my gallery but cant bloody find em lol,, been a while since i posted and its all changed. lemme work on that when i get back from work. 189kkm good condition dark metalic green, ive converted the speedo to mph and also delimited it. no blinky dash issues aftermarket twin 2.5inch back boxes.
  10. Hello Allll been a while, Getting bored with my Soarer, looking to get me an old school GS300.. anyone wunna swop..
  11. ellooooooooo.. email me at at ta
  12. OMG,, an iphone thread and no sign of wusshisface.
  13. To heeerrreee be good whilst im away
  14. i do hope your gona do the right thing and give them there stones back :shruriken: , dont want to be accused of stealing now would you.
  15. no broken clav,, just naturally broken lol. yep will be filled in
  16. my ode to marcus on big brother
  17. Inspired by mauri tribal style with a bit of traditional japenese waves & cherry blossom. the various shapes all have meanings which i will explain once its finished as it will be easier to see.
  18. must admit, im leaning towards the skylines as my next car
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