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Dashboard Warning Light

rocky v 300

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Its a oil level warning light,dont worry to much about as long as you keep a eye on the oil level for afew weeks to be on the safe side....i found when i drove my Ls400 on the motorway the light would come on for afew seconds or so then go out...

As long as the RED oil light is not coming you should be ok.

cheers chips

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The oil light that has the wavey lines underneath is the temp oil light, the other light next to this on the left, (only difference is no wavey lines) is the level warning, the temp light will come only breifly, mine does but only for a second or two, mostly this will happen close to start up of the engine. What it is, is the oil pump is pushing the oil that has settled at the bottom of the engine around the block before the engine has warmed to normal operating temp thus giving the warning.

What I've found is that by changing the thickness of the oil during winter and summer will solve this, you should use a thinner oil - 10/15 for the winter period and 10/40 // 15/40 for the summer. This will also help with starting on cold mornings and also help with breif ware-and-tear that happens during the first couple of seconds of starting.



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