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Power Tailgate Help Required

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does anyone know if its possible to add on a power tailgate to a RX 300 LE/ mine is coming in around week or so but obviously the LE version dont have a power tailgate (unlike the SE/SEL). If it can be done any ideas on costing???

Cheers in advance for the help

Dave :D

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I doubt it... different head lining at back to accomodate the motor required, guessing load of differnt wiring on the loom etc etc...

Then again nothing is impossible...if enough time and ££ is willing to be spent.

Might be best to ask the dealer, they'll probably have a much better idea on what bits are required...and cost...

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Dealer probably wouldn't do it, they will say it is factory fit only. This is the same as Sat Nav on the IS but it is possible to fit it you get all the parts and spend a lot of time fitting them.

The cost of the parts probably wouldn't make it worth while, I'm sure it would run to well over £1000. There is the motor, wiring loom/connectors, ECU, mounting brackets, lock etc.

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