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Towing A Caravan

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Hi, I'm a new member I just bought a 2001 GS300SE 4 wks ago from a Toyota dealer, the car has done 33k. I pleased with the car so far the only downside is the way it drinks petrol. I previously drove a Vovlo S80 2.9 which was better on petrol but not as nice to drive.

I tow a caravan due the summer months and was wondering if anybody out there is /has used a Gs300 to do the same.

I phoned the local Lexus dealer and they want about 2k to fit a towing kit which consists of towbar/gearbox oil coiler and larger radiator (maybe I made a mistake buying a Lexus). I have towed with automatic before and always fitted a gearbox oil cooler but change the radiator I not sure, I think maybe just to watch just the engine temperature and put the heater on and open the windows. If I have to spend 2k, I have to think it over should I change the car.

I be gratefull for advice/comments.

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Hi, maybe it's not much help, but on the IS with auto box an oil cooler is fitted to the gearbox as well, but not a bigger radiator as far as I know.

But then, you may want the peace of mind that the radaitor is up to the job, not much fun getting it overheated in e.g. the Sierra Nevada.



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My LS has a builtin cooler as standard which works very efficiently and keeps the whole thing at the correct temperature, not sure if GS's do, but they are easy to spot because there are oil pipes that run from the autobox to the bottom of the radiator..

However when I originally bought it, I checked with Lexus who said that I'd definately need a bigger cooler/radiator etc - I didnt, and have been towing successfully all year round for over 4 years!

My theory is that they have a stock answer that they all give to cover their butts (and maybe make some more money!).

As the yanks say - YMMV


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This has been mentioned before on a previous post... as somebody said, if your not towing for day's on end in the Sahara Desert, there's nothing to really worry about :winky:

It's basicaly an insurance policy from the dealers/suppliers to cover their asses "in case" of failure... plus more unneccessary wedge for their pots :) .

I'll more than likely be getting a tow bar fitted next year as my caravan has been sitting idle since I bought the GS :tomato: , won't look too bad though, as the only one you can get is a detatchable :blush:

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