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Initial Findings On Gs430 Ex-demo

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OK - Had it a week but actually HAD it 2.5 days heres what I think so far.


Its gloomy inside, light grey interior but feeble "spot" illumination requires the reading light on most occasions.

The control screen is overcomplicated and my car before last was a 7 series with I drive !!

Switch illumination is patchy - not even as good as a passat - door controls and other minor switches are not illuminated.

The door kick plates dont light up (as in a RX) - this was a nice touch on the RX loaner.

The auto sensing entry system is not always 100% but I think its something to get used to.

The wheel (leather and wood apparently) feels like leather and plastic - not a nice tactile experience.

It needs 20" wheels or 19" at least - they look lost in the arches

When the stereo is cranked up you cannot see anything out of the rear view mirror its shaking so much :crying:

The switches in the little fold down panel are neat and lit up nicely but a bugger to use whilst driving - major eyes off the road time.

Radio is poor on AM, good on FM (not great) v disappointed with radio reception overall


Love the serene take off from standstill - comparable to a Bentley IMHO

Nice prescense on the road - when it came back from the dealers I thought "thats nice" before I realised it was my car!!

Great HiFi makes me dig out old CD`s to have a relisten (cant see backwards though)

Nice gearbox certainly the match of the BM 6 speeder

Comfy seats, I sold my Z350 after 4 months cos it killed my back - this is a nice experience of comfyness.

Sense of occasion when inside, this is a perceived thing and any car I buy that lacks it gets sold quite quickly. The overall (gloomy) ambience is very relaxing and a pleasure to experience.

More to follow as I get aquainted with the beast - must have a play with the radar this weekend !!!

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