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Wanted Ls400 (sub £2k)


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Hi all,

Great forum. Couldn't find a a wanted section though so thought I would post this here:

I'm looking for an early/mid 90's LS400 for running around in for a year, maybe two. I'm looking for an honesy car that will do 20k a year with good servicing and will feel nice to drive. I have seem some on the market from a grand upwards and would like to buy the best available. not in a rush. but would like to have a car in the next 6-8 weeks say...

Anyone know of anything up for grabs?



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Hi there, there is a poosiblity my dad may be selling his, he has 2 a H-Reg one (not sure what year that is) and a 98 which he is keeping until the new Ls comes out later this year.

He mentioned last week that hes thinking of selling up, its done just over 100K and has full LSH and has only 3 owners, one being my dad and the other a family friend and the last happens to be the owner of the lexus dealership himself, so as you can imagine its been very well looked after. I shall have a word and let you know either way if you are interested.

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