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  1. Thanks chaps, some good pointers in there
  2. Morning all, As some of you may have seen in another thread, i'm after an Auto IS250 (ideally SE-L), but most of them are down south. This has come up on my doorstep about 20mins away, so going to pop down and take a look tomorrow It's not an SE-L, but the mileage is low and hopefully i can negotiate on price if i like it. My question is, with 59k on the clock, i'm aware that the 60k service is a big one. Given it has full dealer service history, am i correct in assuming this should have already been done, as it's 60k or 6 years, whichever is first, so it should have been done a couple of years ago? I will more than likely hang fire as i'd like an SE-L or an SE with MM, but no harm in looking. cheers
  3. That's a beast. I personally quite like the utilitarian look of estate cars and think they often look better than the saloon. Neighbor has and Accord estate and it looks great. Very much personal opinion of course.
  4. More curiosity than anything else, but wondered why Lexus have never bothered to make an estate version of the IS cars beyond the original IS200/300? I'm assuming it's down to sales, but then you see tones of A4, 3 series and C class estates, so there is obviously a demand for them, me included. The added practicality, especially with those with families would be most useful. I guess of the current gen models the NX steps in to some extent and bridges that gap between an IS estate and RX models, but it seems odd that an IS estate has never been offered to make the IS series a more versatile car.
  5. Has anyone tried the Michelin Crossclimates on the Lexus? Have them on my current car (non Lexus) and they've been excellent. Decent summer and winter performance. Pricey but a good all rounder.
  6. Wow, thanks for that is200 Newbie. Only thing that concerns me there is the exhaust.
  7. Thanks for the comments, Is there anything obvious to look for when checking the exhaust? Sticking calipers i assume you can "feel" that on a test drive? With regards to the recalls, i'm assuming Lexus can check if they have been done and if not, are these done free of charge? Cheers
  8. Cheers guys This one had caught my eye. Only problem it is in Surrey and i'm in Sheffield! For some reason, cars seem to be more expensive up here than they are down south.
  9. Hi all, I used to post on here many moons ago when i owned my beloved IS200. Had a change of car back in 2008 and since then I've always been longing to get back into the Lexus fold and now i'm finally ready. Wish i had never got rid of the IS200, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Due to a house move, a baby and generally growing up I'm on a limited budget, but i'm on the lookout for an earlier IS250 SE-L Auto, ideally with MM, but not a deal breaker. I have up to £7k max, but there are a few that are well under that on Auto Trader at the moment. I do about 10-12k miles per annum and had considered a IS220, but from what i can gather they seem more trouble than they are worth, so happy to stick to petrol. Are there any particular problem areas i should look out for when viewing the petrol variants? I'm assuming that, like the IS200, a well looked after higher mileage (80k plus) shouldn't be discounted? The ones i have seen are circa 2006/7 with 60-70k on the clock but towards the higher end of my budget. Anyway, i thought i'd re-introduce myself after a few years away from the forum and welcome any comments. Cheers
  10. I REALLY wanted this to be the car to bring me back into the Lexus fold, but i just can't warm to the styling. Loved the concept car, but the production version is just too bland and far away from the concept for me to like it. Replace my car in November and i really am in limbo as to what to do....grrrr.
  11. I'd have to agree with you mate- the last proper/well built Lexus cars were: LS400/430, GS300 (mk 1 & 2) and the IS200/300. Just like the Merc 190E, W123/W124 (E Class) Mercs were the last proper Mercs, the same is starting to apply to Lexus. From what I have read/heard, the newer Lexus aren't build like the old ones. Couldn't agree more. Although i did have a new E Class as a courtesy car when mine was being serviced and i think Mercedes have somewhat improved their build quality with there latest models.
  12. really can't make my mind up if i like this or not. On one hand it looks alright, but on the other I'm really disappointed that it has been toned down so much from the original concept. If anything it is a bit bland now. Unless you really want a hybrid, i can't see this car dragging people from their A3's and 1 series
  13. I reckon late teen £k's for it, in line with 1 series and A3's. I would like to think if they are going to price match BMW and Merc, Audi then there will be lots of extra kit as standard. If what you read is true and it's aimed at the 'younger' end of market then it's going to need some really good standard kit to pull young buyers away from BMW and Audi
  14. The new Lexus hatch has been revealed Personally i'm a bit disappointed that it's not closer to the original concept. Obviously it was going to be toned down, but a bit too much if you ask me. Hopefully there will be a sportier model as i was hoping this would be my next car. I'll reserve full judgment until i see one in the flesh.
  15. I reeeeeeeeeeeally hope i like this car. Never been a massive fan of the second gen IS, so i'd love this car to be the one to bring me back into the Lexus fold. October release would be lovely, as my PCP expires on my current car in November
  16. I assume you mean the UK brand? As in the US it's really seen as one of the best
  17. Not been myself, but would like to go. Me and girlfriend have considered going, but not sure how the local culture act with non married couples.
  18. this car in that form would bring me back to Lexus, however i saw some spy shots from the rear somewhere the other day and it looks like its been considerably toned down. Ill see if i can find them EDIt - Here we go...
  19. I've got it on the PS3. I completed it last night. The single player is incredibly short, but then again this game is all about multi player
  20. What issues do you have with iTunes Parthiban, i never had a problem on my old PC?
  21. as above. At work i have to use a PC and it stresses me out with the age it takes to load things and the constant crashes and random going ons. Had my Mac 2 years now and have had zero drama and it runs as well and quick as the day i bought it. I don't get involved with the whole PC V Mac shenanigans, but the 'it just works' saying, is so true
  22. Configure away
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