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Is200 Cd Head Unit

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I have recently had an error 1 message appear on the cd unit in my IS200 (2000 reg) and refuses to play that cd or any within the unit, whether they are copies or originals, until, for some strange reason, the unit warms up a bit (10-15 mins), then it will play everything ok.

My unit is a 13903 model and have been informed by the dealer that only that model will fit, as the later models have different connections at the rear.

Does anybody know if there are any connection adaptors available and if so where from, so I can upgrade to a newer model head unit.

Failing that..... Has anyone got any suggestions on any different cd/sat/dvd units that would fit into the slot :D hopefully not too expensive.



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there are not connection adaptors so you can fit the later top slot radio into a car that previously had the bottom slot radio

Errrr... confused, my unit is a top cd slot, I thought the old units were bottom slots. I was looking to replace with a top slot unit which, correct me if I'm wrong is the newer ones, but a later model number eg. 13906, etc.

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Yes ........... there are some members selling there on here ..... I think Paul (Fargo) was selling his ..........

Usually loads on eBay too ............

After reading everything about ERR3, there was absolutely no surprise when ERR3 appeared on my bottom loading 6yr old SE navigator. Tried all the usual stuff to remove the CD' go. Still a bit confused though. Is it really true that the bottom loading unit can be replaced with a top loading one? (ie same plugs) I've seen some posts that say it won't, and, being a 'navigator' model does that mean the plugs are in some way different from a non-navigator? (the SatNav voice plays through the head unit)

I'm off to eBay I guess...or if anyone has one here, I would be interested!


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