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My name is Colin Yeap, 22 years old living in Slough.

I just bought a Black Altezza AS200 and am new to all these modification stuff.

Found LOC a great help and answered alot of all my questions. Thanks guys. I managed to paint my calipers the other day as well (Makes a whole lot of difference to the looks!!)

However, I seem to be having trouble adding photos? Can anyone help?

Also I bought a HKS mega flow air filter off eBay and have no idea how to install it myself. The filter just came with a reducer and a couple of clips. Do I need an elbow to connect it and does it need a hole for the MAF sensor? or is it a basic direct replacement? Or should I just bring it somewhere to get it installed?

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However, I seem to be having trouble adding photos? Can anyone help?

I think if you are a gold member adding photos is easier.

If your not a gold member - register at photobucket - add your photos there and then you can display them on here - click the tree and them paste in the url where the phot is - this is shown under the photo when saved at photobuckt.

Its easy when you have done it once

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