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18" Wheels As An Option On Non-sports New Is


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It sems that quite a few people have requested 18" wheels on the new IS.

Is it now possible to get them as factory fit option, i.e. without having to buy a brand new set of wheels?

My dealer says don't get 18" because they upset the ride. Problem is car looks so much better with the larger rubber. For those of you who have 18" wheels, how have you found them? I guess the ride will be a bit firmer, but is this okay on UK roads?

Had to postpone delivery of my car until April and am just about to re-order, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Be wary - the new IS does have a slight Road Noise and Hardish ride "issue". It's not that bad, but the difference between Base 16" and SE 17" is noticeable. I just worry what the 18" will do...especially as they are wider too.

They do look alot better...form over function? In the eyes of the beholder (or suffer the numb bum!)

I am sure you can get some cracking aftermarket ones, especially as the upgrade is not an upgrtade, but a new additional set!

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Why did you have reorder/postpone?? Was it a problem at the garage?

No. Lexus dealer always superb. Abroad on business for two months unexpectedly. Made no sense to have a brand car sitting unused on a driveway in the middle of the winter. Very frustrating as I'm dying to take delivery.

Think I may just stick with the standard 17", Jamboo. Function must always rule over form.

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