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Check Engine Light: Which Sensor


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Would it be worth resetting the ECU first, to see if that clears it and it goes away for good? Remove EFI and ECTS fuses for 30 seconds (long fuse box under bonnet), reinsert them, leave the key in the "run" position for 6 minutes, turn off and then try starting the car, see if the CEL's gone (and stays gone).

Or just clear the error using the OBD reader that gave you the code in the first place!

Good luck!

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Bank 1 refers to bank that includes cylinder No.1.

Bank 2 refers to bank that does not include cylinder No.1.

Sensor 1 refers to the sensor closer to the engine body.

Does that mean that there are 2 sensors for each bank as the fault is bank 1 sensor 2?

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Cheers guys,

I located the one I need and have ordered the replacement, will fit it myself. Will cost me £64 in total compared to the £310 Lexus wanted :)

I think there may be 5 O2 sensors in total, 1 before and after the pre-cat for each bank and then one after the main cat

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