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posting on behalf of a friend of mine, coz i thought u guys and gals' know far more about cars than most garages :tomato: :winky:

anyway, she owns a 98' 1.3 L fiesta and since friday, the temperature guage has stopped working. any ideas what could be the fault??

a local garage told her that it could well be a wiring issue :blink: not sure on that one though coz she's never had any problem with it before!!

possibly the needle may have given up??

please feel free to post up any ideas.



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Take it the gauge stays on cold and the car still heats up, e.g the heater blows out warm air.

If this is the case I would say it is either a faulty temperature sender unit, gauge or the wires from the sender unit. Check the wiring first and then the sender unit as they are the mist likely culprits.

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The most likely is probably the temperature sender (or the connection to it) and then the gauge itself.

First though, I would check the coolant level. It's possible that the level is lower than the sender and it's not measuring anything - I nearly killed a mondeo engine because of this once!

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Does it move at all even after driving for a while? Do you get hot air coming out of the heater?

It could be the thermostat has gone. My Celica GT4 (ST205) had what i thought was a dead temp gauge as it was constantly on the bottom.

Took it for a blat down the motorway and with 5mins of 1bar boost it started to bob up and down a bit so i checked the thermostat and sure enough the pin had come out meaning it was constantly open.


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