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Alloy Wheel Protector


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This is a new product, not the traditional wax-based formula but uses a bonding polymer to "seal" the alloy from the elements. It comes as a two-stage aerosol, the first is an alloy wheel coating and the second is a refurb spray to be used at 2-3 month intervals after the first stage.

The multi-spoke Racing Sparco rims I have on the Tubby are terrible to clean as it's difficult to get right to the back past the spokes. A couple of months ago I removed all the wheels, gave them a good cleaning with "Wonder Wheels", dried them off and then sprayed on the alloy wheel coating spray and rubbed in with a foam pad. After the solution starts to go sticky, buff it up with a microfibre cloth.

Next time you come to clean up the wheels, it's so much easier - all you need is a small sponge and soapy water!

This stuff doesn't come cheap @ around £25 for the kit but is easily the best alloy protector I've found so far. It would be an excellent product to use on rims with a diamond cut or polished lip, which are prone to losing the clear coat and then corroding.

Highly recommended! :D


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The Kleen Wheels looks quite similar to the Supagard stuff you can buy. Works well on my wheel and other people seem to recommend it - you can buy a Supagard care kit off of eBay for a ludicrously cheap price (about 1/5th of the dealer price) and it has wheels cleaner and wheel protector cans in it.

Brian [:)]

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