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Rear Leg Room

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Morning all,

First post here and a slight impostor as I don't own a Lexus. Yet. I test drove an IS250 a month or so ago and loved it and am debating the 250 or the 220 (stock market permitting) but one thing I didn't really test was the leg room. Lots of reviews mention the lack of space but then lots of reviews mark the car down for all sorts of things that I, or you on here, haven't found.

I suppose the best way to guage my quality line would be would two of my mates, of average height, be OK in the back for a 2 hour journey to football matches?

Any views are much appreciated.


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There is heaps of room in the front. I am 6'2" and I don't have the driver's seat all the way back. If I have people in the back, I can still move the seat forward and not really feel too uncomfortable. Short trips are ok.

Depending on who you have in the passenger seat will be the test for the back seat person. As the glove box and knee airbag area make the dash low on that side, you might find having the passenger seat too far forward is an issue. Having said that, I don't think you need it too far forward to accomodate a tall person in the back.

Take your mates down to your dealership and go for a test drive.

I am lucky. No kids to put into the back (only the four legged fur covered type, and they don't complain about space).

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