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How Can I Clean Ecsain Leather


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Hi everybody i'm new in forum. In the first place pardon by my English, is not very good i´m not from UK, i'm from spain. Here there are not so may Lexus, in my town there are only 3 IS and in my town live more than 150000 persons . I do not understand it.

Ok my cuestion is how can i clean Ecsain Leather of my new IS. I am worried because it seems very delicate.


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any particular products we should use?

i use babywipes :lol:

Leather wipes:

These wipes are a convenient way of applying a dressing but be aware that they contain solvents (there primary function is to enable the dressing to impregnate the cloth applicator) the same solvent may remove leather dye. Test in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the leather won't change colour

Ultra suede (Escaine, Alacantra):

Is a 100% Polyester man-made suede substitute, which should be cleaned by brushing the nap with a soft nylon upholstery brush, remove pilling with a single-sided razor blade and then applying a cleaning solution (Water /Woolite® or Dreft® with a ratio of 5:1 or stronger) on to an applicator pad and apply to one area at a time (do not over-wet the fabric) and do not use steam. Localized stains can be treated with a citrus-based cleaner, ensure surface is dry before use by leaving window cracked/open. For heavy stain removal- 1:1 Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover / Distilled water-

Identifying characteristics- very soft to the touch will scratch or scuff very easily; water drops will darken the leather but it returns to its original colour after drying.

Maintenance- Use a soft brush lightly to remove dust and raise the fabrics nap, once your seats / steering wheel / interior is clean, you should use a conditioning/protection product (303™ High Tech Fabric Guard, which includes UVR protection)

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