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I noticed somthing strange when filling up I normally go to my local ASDA where its 41p lpg but they where closed early so went to shell where its 47p lpg obviously a full tank makes a difference in to total cost but what I was concerned with was that I filled up more than 55ltr of lpg in my tank and it was still going in :huh:

I stopped at 57ltr as I was told my tank is an 80ltr spare wheel tank so I should get about 55ltr max!! but i got in another 2 ltrs is this normal and plus it didnt shut off when I was expecting it to do near to 55ltr ( I almost let it run dry - I wanted to know how many local miles I could to a full tank). The time was around 8pm but its normally at around this time when id fill up from ASDA too.

Has anyone else experienced this. :unsure:


1) The ASDA one is on a hill slightly slanting forward where as the shell is flat

2) The ASDA one pumps slowly where as the shell is very faster like normal petrol delivery

3) When I fill up from ASDA my 4th green light dont stay on for that long where as from Shell it stayed on longer(obviously I filled up more tham I expected)

could these make a difference :blush:

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I use Morrisons and when I have emptied my tank it has taken up to 58 ltrs. I have a 70 ltr tank so an 80 ltr tank should take a bit more than 58 ltrs (another 8 using the 80% guideline). Can't comment about the flow rate as it varies for me using the same store - could be because the store's tanks were low that it runs slower.

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My 75 litre tank takes around 60 litres depending on the pump. Also, some stores have faster pumps than others.

I'd expect you to get about 63-65 litres in there, from empty.

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Thanks guys for explaining that I was getting bit worried :crybaby:

next time I will just let it run till the end from empty but from a ASDA its 6p cheaper and makes shed loads of difference when filling up the tank full, Almost £4 (now £4 can go along way - another 40miles lol )

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