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  1. Agree with Martins points Ito o have replaced i seized caliper, the dash creaks but there are ways to soften the noise/ had rust on the bonnet edge but was repaired fro free under Lexus warranty recently the car passed MOT 2 weeks ago and no suspension issues so far fingers crossed but i do have the same feeling like it a ticking time bomb servicing is pretty much the same as any other car if non dealership servicing the rest is down to how heavy your right foot is
  2. good job. How easy do these prob shaft bearings go or do you need to drive like certain style for these to wear out
  3. Thanks John. I was considering the conductive glue my self makes life easier and ensures a good connection. out of curiosity what seal did you use to seal the unit, was it the normal off the shelf bathroom type sealant?
  4. I have the old one taken off and followed the instructions on this tread and have been able to take the battery out which is identical as shown in OP's Pictures, but im some what confused why i would I need a tagged battery and not a standalone 2450 battery and solder on to the battery. The one i have taken out seems it was soldered at the contacts points only and the rest well glued to the unit. will post pictures to explain but if someone or the OP can tell me what they did after it may help
  5. an update from me too I got mine sorted 😀 though i did no go to kwik fit as originally intended. I was able to source a genuine part from a company called Yam6 was able to get this down to £65 which s not too bad and the tyre guy charged £10 and got it programmed so now all sorted.
  6. Good idea will try and keep the old one and see If i can open it up and chnage the battery (which looks simple enough ) should the others do happen to play up
  7. Agree looks easy when someone else is doing it. being new to this but how is the tech stream connected to the car do you need a specific cable/plug/wireless from the video above it did not show how or where to connect but it does look pretty simple and intuitive to use once in the software
  8. Just to add strangely while i was reading this section few days ago my car too has developed the same symptoms. 😬😤 "Check system" with red triangle and flashing Tyre sign!!!! Why do these things need to be so damn complicated and an expense i don't want need to worry about... I personally am not a fan on TPMS but it seems it is a legal requirement for all new cars from 2014, oh well more money making ways though it does have its benefit but they should try and make it simple and easy for the average joe if it s complasary requiremtn i guess this is also MOT failure now if they see warning lights Anyways rants over, mine happened while i was driving and all of a sudden it came on, i 1st thought it was low pressure but when i topped it up ( it was low on some wheels) the lights stayed on, I did press the set button under the dash but it didnt seem to want to initiate. I been looking around and most places locally to me dont seem to have the software or cannot get the sensors. I seen some on ebay but my dilemma is i dont know if its one or more. I agree with Leigh2000 I called up Kwik fit and the guys said he has senors in stock can and tell me which one is not responding and change it over, apparently they clone the old sensor so it looks like it the original one to the car, does this work with Lexus models? he quoted me something like £85 all in for one is this a fair price
  9. ok so an update..... I took the car to a different garage over the weekend and his advise was 1st for me to drive it over humps and gently apply the brakes to hear if the noise disappeared, which it did! so that he could rule out any other potential issue. They had a look and tried to replicate the noise and it defo is coming from the bottom pin, apparently the other garage who freed it from the caliper may have taken off more than was needed to free up the pin. They said i need i need new pin and that ECP dont do these it seems they are a dealer only part. I had a look and could not see on eBay well at least not the style of the ones i have on mine. The eBay link posted by Ben looks like a set is this a good price? Do you guys know the part number for the pins and do these come as sets or can i but just one?
  10. Thanks. Yes that is what i noticed, i told the garage that there is more movement on the NSR caliper than that on the OSR, the OSR has very little to no play but the NSR moves alot more than I was expecting it to. the garage checked it and said its tight and fitted correctly. Is this a dealer only part or will ECP stock this kind of part? Thank you for all the suggestions guys, it gives me something to talk about when i next see the garage
  11. yes these are the pins that to me look like are the culprits, when the wheel was off these moved around and made a similar kind of noise whilst driving, the garage did put grease around them to but that hasn't worked. will see what the garage says or maybe go to a different garage and get a 2nd opinion but my only free times are the weekends.... Do we have any forum members who own a garage or are mechanics?
  12. defo not a metallic noise more of a rattle. I can drive over a man hole and i can hear it rattle... sounds as if something is not sitting or moving about, hence why i was thinking pins which have play could be moving around. the brakes work fine no noise when braking..
  13. OK so resurrecting this again. As I have noticed for the past couple of weeks not some kind of rattling coming from the rear left wheel only and this happened after the rear calipers which were seized originally but the garage managed to free up. I went back to him saying that it fees like the rear caliper has some play and noise coming from that side only. he did check and says there is always a little play in the calipers is this correct? surely they are not meant to move? As for the rattling he says could be because the sliding Pins that where seized are now moving more due to them being worn out and making a rattling noise, he did put grease in and around the area there to help stop the noise but its not working. So before I go back to him is he correct ? would i need new sliding pins? or is it the pads not sitting in the pads and moving about? Anyone else had this before?
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