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  1. genius149

    Mk4 ls400

    Hi John, I'm looking for a 430 but depending on price, history, toys etc then I might be tempted by a good 400. My overall consideration is the cost-effectiveness of an LPG conversion considering how long I'll potentially keep it etc.
  2. That would seem pretty reasonable. It might only be 10 mins work but a garage would usually charge for at least half an hour's labour plus the cost of the part. **Just seen - "to fit your own driving belt"** They're charging an hour's labour. If it helps, I popped into Lexus Canterbury last month to see if they had anything to sell or knew of any customers looking to offload a 400 or 430. They didn't but while I was there I asked for a quote for a timing belt as I may need to factor that into my potential purchase costs. They came back with £295 😮 It did make me wonder whether they'd quoted the serpentine belt by mistake but if that's all they're quoting for the timing belt then even if you're in North London, it would be worth a trip down the M2. If it was the Serpentine then it puts the quote you got into some perspective.
  3. Bit late in the day, but could you not have tried it at 36psi, let them cool, try again at 33 and then maybe 30? If I had half a day or day spare then I'd have tried that.
  4. As someone looking for a cheap LS, I'd have bitten your hand off. At least you'd have known it was going to someone who would respect the car. My hunt continues...
  5. I'm not sure that flashlube is essential. I've seen a few discussions on here about it and possibly because I'm looking to get an LS, the V8 might not need it but my mk1 LPG GS didn't have it and didn't need it either. The other thing to consider is that it might well add a bit to the sale price when you come to sell it.
  6. Hi Ben and welcome, £300 sounds extortionate for a door repair. A good indie body shop should charge approx half that amount although a bit of haggling may be required as door usually need the paint "feathered" to blend with the wing and rear door. Might be worth finding out the cost of a replacement door skin.
  7. I intend to. He had it advertised for £3,800 a little while ago so I'm wondering why he put it back up at the higher price. Getting to Walthamstow wouldn't bother me too much as I've done a fair bit of London driving in the past. If I go to buy I'd go by train anyway. I've worked in a Polish scrapyard so I know how hard to haggle! Still waiting for my tribunal payout before I can buy anything though!
  8. I can only really afford £3,000 maybe £3,500 considering I've got to convert it to LPG and that isn't cheap so I doubt he'd go for that. I may look at the two celsiors on ebay but yes, I'm a tad wary.
  9. If I end up getting a Celsior I'll probably contact Mr Frost as well but here's my two penn'th on kmh. A few years ago I had a Honda PC800 Pacific Coast motorbike. It was a relatively rare Japanese market model and when I bought it, I met the seller at the bike shop so that I could get it MOT'd as he'd spent the day there freeing off a brake caliper so that it would pass. The speedo was in KPH and I thought nothing of it and neither did the MOT tester. Luckily, a previous owner had the speedo and odometer calibrated to read as miles (which I didn't realise until I thought 50kph was a bit too fast to be the equivalent of 30MPH). The annoying thing was that being a Japanese market bike and more specifically, built for the 'merkins, the front indicators were permanently on like dtr lights and flashed when you were actually indicating. Annoyingly he failed it for that and we had to quickly disconnect the permanent wires so that it would pass. A couple of days later, I did some research to find out that the only permanent forward facing lights that could fail an MOT were red, blue or green. Orange didn't count so the MOT tester was wrong. I did look at an imported bike a few years ago that had three clear stickers similar to if you buy a coffee at your favourite clown sponsored fast food outlet on the 30, 50 and 70 positions. Easily removable but did the job. Sorry for going off tangent but it might be useful to some and an interesting anecdote [/Rowley Birkin]
  10. I'd also add that the ad does say it had a major Lexus survey at 49k. Still too expensive though.
  11. If the Celsior of which you speak was two grand less then I'd be asking for details. Definitely too high a price for pre-facelift.
  12. Don't know if this will help. Your car is about halfway down (look for EUDM) specs: 225/60ZR16 97W 7Jx16 ET45 5x114.3 These are the specs for the 1990 model and the spec looks exactly the same apart from the higher speed rating on the tyres. 225/60R16 97V 7Jx16 ET45 5x114.3 The 7j bit and the offset (ET45) are both the same so they should be good.
  13. I've also seen omayama recommended elsewhere on this site. This is a Japanese site. Correct me if I've got the spelling wrong