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  1. Seeing A Forest up there reminded me of these cover versions. Both as good as the original although a little different.
  2. @Mossypossy About 35 for me 🙂
  3. and with more time on our hands, we can enjoy the majesty of 2112...but different. The version of another brick in the wall by the same guy is about as scary as the original
  4. This one's kind of appropriate in these quiet times
  5. Here's a live version to while away quarter of an hour. Enjoy!
  6. No Youtube links for me but so far on vinyl: Camel - Music Inspired by The Snow Goose Candlemass - Nightfall (it hasn't aged well in all honesty) King Crimson - Red (gets better every listen) Gong - You (Not much beats the glorious omm riff that is Master Builder)
  7. Unless the council have filled the pothole in, I imagine you can go back and take a photo of it - unless it's on a busy dual carriage-way of course.
  8. For £160 you could buy a phone, a cheap PAYG sim, a phone holder, install Waze and be kept up to date and better directed in real time better than any car more than a couple of years old. Plus, you'd have enough left over to buy all the data you'd need for a few years.
  9. There are films about that sort of thing on the internet...was there a camera!?
  10. So as much as I loved my LS and wafting to and from work in effortless comfort and speed was...relaxing, it was also very painful in the wallet - even with the LPG conversion. If I hadn't bought it on a whim and not had to replace the battery, starter motor, LPG reducer and all the other bits and pieces then I'd be a bit more reluctant to have seen it go. I've since kept the eco-warriors happy and upset the potential taxi-drivers by buying a low(ish) mileage prius. Saving just under £28 a month in VED and going nearly twice as far for the fuel means that I'm a lot less worried. Most importantly though, the radio works.
  11. If you fancy a visit to Kent then my old schoolfriend who runs Acme Locks of Canterbury reckoned he could clone mine. I was all set to order a blank from the US to see if he could do it but I sold my LS the next day 😱
  12. It would probably only affect the hybrid (600h) models as the cats are used less on hybrids - although with such a big engine, I would imagine they get a bit more use than a 400h.
  13. It still doesn't like a couple of the pics. It's also just had a new radiator fitted so that all important "fix" is done. Being forced to go part-time means I'm reluctantly putting her up for sale - I'll put something in the for sale section if Andy gives me first refusal.
  14. Yeah. I'll add more tonight when I get home but here's some pics. Just to add, it's had a new battery, starter motor, timing belt, lpg reducer and a few other bits. I'd attach more but it's not liking it, probably due to size and being on my phone.
  15. If you got a refund, that is good news. I'll echo that these keys are nigh-on impossible to reprogram. I have a very good friend who is also a master locksmith and if he couldn't do it, nor any of his close associates, then yeah, paying Lexus an exorbitant amount is the only way I can think of. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know the best place to buy a blank key? I only have one and although it (blank) won't be able to be used to drive the car, the blade cut to shape would mean I needn't worry about locking my key in the boot 😱