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  1. You do like to scare people unnecessarily. Yes, you need to insure it but you still have the caveat of possession of the little green slip of the V5 which you can use to tax the vehicle at the nearest post office or DVLA place. You can do it online but it really isn't necessary. The police have go better things to worry about than taking a just purchased car off of someone. The important thing is just purchased. If you continued to drive it around then yeah, you're likely to use it. What you suggest is a complete waste of police resources which is why it will never happen.
  2. Why would a phone call cost anything these days? Also, the advert has links to their website which had all the contact details including the email address. You're not always allowed to advertise email addresses on ebay so this is the best alternative.
  3. That's a pre-facelift. The facelift ones have thinner, straight foglights, yours are rounder. There are other differences but that's the main one. Oh, and you've only got 5 gears.
  4. I've seen it in the manual and yes it's for comfort around the neck if you're not as tall as most. My old A6 had it so I imagine it's probably standard on most premium cars.
  5. On my LS430 I too discovered it by accident shortly after thinking "why did that stop working?". When the switch is in the middle section, the mirrors don't dip. When the switch is set to the left or right, then lo and behold, it miraculously starts working again.
  6. Hi David, I posted a buyer's guide last month that should help based on my experience of buying an 04 (facelift) car. Good luck with your buy.
  7. Was it the same one that flashed me about a month ago on the Haine Road in Ramsgate? I was driving to work about 10am but it could well have been Malc's indie giving it a test drive.
  8. I've had a similar issue when a small stone managed to get wedged between the brake disk and the shield. Can't remember what car it was on but it's the sort of thing that can happen to any car.
  9. I saw this post a couple of months ago when I had the dreaded warning lights. My mate at work cleared the fault using his OBD2 reader that he got from Ebay. The fault reappeared about 8 miles later as it was the Lambda sensor that was knackered. I bought one of these readers myself (about £5) and once the sensor was changed, I cleared the fault myself. It also told me exactly what the problem was! Disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes also cleared my particular fault as well but that may be coincidence. It was a darn site easier than struggling to get a paperclip in the right holes. And it may well show you what Airbag you need to check/replace etc.
  10. Yesterday I got the old Bank 1 pre-cat lambda sensor swapped over. It took the mechanic about 20 minutes and a few curses about how awkward it was. There was even more cursing when I cleared the codes using my fiver chinesium OBD2 reader and my phone. No more check VSC and hopefully the economy will improve a bit.
  11. A couple of (the hottest) months (on record) and no, it was a private sale. Having looked at it in daylight, there's the front sensor which is probably fine but if I can get it out to clean and test it, I will. The rear, which is in the corner of the left hand speaker (correct me if I'm wrong) has the sensor cap wedged right between the glass and the parcel shelf so something's definitely afoot there. Annoying because it's probably a nightmare to get to - any advice on how to get to it gratefully received! Do I need to be looking at the room temperature sensor as well? There are some conflicting opinions in this thread and whilst I can see the "Solar sensors have nothing to do with AC" logic, my research into other threads regarding air con and the fault codes I have make me come to the conclusion that the solar sensor does have something to do with it. Edit: just read your post John and that makes a lot more sense. I ought to add, that I've checked all the fuses and they are all ok and that the revs change when the AC is on so that's good too.
  12. That makes sense - My auto lights work fine and after seeing where they are, I'm not worried about those codes now. I admit to avoiding them whenever possible but I would disagree that all their technicians are useless. If they had ruined my car then I'd agree but they haven't so I'll still reserve my judgement. Thanks for this, the first one I shouldn't need but this is a good place to start. Tomorrow's the day for tinkering.
  13. Well that was my logic but this clublexus thread on the rear makes me think differently. I'm confused! This is a diagram of the front...even if it is somewhere on the top, it's what's underneath that I need to look at and investigate.
  14. My LS430 facelift is giving me even more headscratching problems. I had it booked in for a regas at Halfrauds today and they kindly filled it but unfortunately it still blows warm air through. The advantage of this is that they said they couldn't charge me so I've saved myself £40. They ran their diagnostic on it and it came up with codes B1421 and B1428, front and rear solar sensors accordingly. It's a start, but where are they so that I can check them and clean or replace as required? I've read other posts that say the front one is under the driver's side dash - if it is, how easy is that to get to? 😱 I've no idea about the rear either. Also, can I run some sort of self diagnostic test and is it better to do it on a sunny day or a cloudy day? I may have loathed my A6 but at least the air-con worked!
  15. Thanks guys. I had my suspicions but it's good to get them confirmed 🙂